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Gujarat: Surat's jeweler made PM Narendra Modi's gold idol, weighing 156 grams, told the reason

Pankaj Prasad
PM Narendra Modi golden idol
PM Narendra Modi golden idol

A jeweler from Surat city has made a gold statue of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

A jeweler from Surat city has made a gold statue of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The weight of this idol made of 18 carat gold is 156 grams. The idol was made by Johri to commemorate the one-sided victory of the BJP in the recent assembly elections. 

Why was the weight of the idol kept only 156 grams?

Basant Bohra is the owner of Radhika Chains, a jewelry manufacturing company. He explains, "The BJP won 156 out of 182 seats in the elections held in December last year, so the weight of the prime minister's gold statue has been kept at 156 grams." This idol has now become a topic of discussion among the public as well and many people are showing interest in buying it. However, the jeweler is yet to decide on selling it. 

20 artisans made the idol in three months

Bohra, a native of Rajasthan, says, I am a fan of Narendra Modi and wanted to make something dedicated to him. It took about three months for about twenty artisans to make this idol in our factory. I am satisfied with the end result. No price tag as it is not for sale yet. The Bohras have been settled in Surat for twenty years. He told that gold worth Rs 11 lakh has been used to make the idol. 

Changes made by artisans to reduce weight

Earlier, Bohra had made a gold replica of the Statue of Unity, which he later sold. The idol (of Narendra Modi) was ready by December, but its weight was a little over 156 grams, but after knowing that the BJP had got 156 seats, the artisans added weight to the idol to reduce the weight, said Johri. Made some changes.