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Thug Sukesh spoke in favor of Jacqueline, wrote a letter to Nora Fatehi, said- she was jealous of him

Pankaj Prasad
Sukesh Chandrasekhar
Sukesh Chandrasekhar

Sukesh Chandrasekhar has written a letter under the ongoing dispute between Jacqueline and Nora Fatehi, in which he has made many shocking revelations about Nora.

In the case of money laundering of Rs 200 crore, something new is happening every day. While on one hand the matter of credibility between the two Bollywood actresses related to this case is getting heated, on the other hand new revelations are happening in every charge sheet filed in this case. Recently, a third supplementary charge sheet has been filed in this case, in which many revelations have been made. But in the midst of all this, Sukesh has written a letter from jail, in which he has spoken openly about the ongoing dispute between Jacqueline and Nora. The letter reveals many buried secrets of Nora and Jacqueline's feud. So let's know what Sukesh has written in the letter.

Sukesh has claimed in this letter written by him that Nora Fatehi was irritated with Jacqueline and wanted her to leave the actress. According to a media report, Sukesh said, 'Jacqueline and I were in a serious relationship and that was the reason Nora used to get irritated with him. Nora's irritation had increased to such an extent that she started instigating me against Jacqueline. Nora wanted me to leave Jacqueline and start dating her. Nora used to call me around 10 times a day, but I did not answer her calls. She used to pressurize me to keep calling her. Apart from this, Sukesh said that Nora has also changed her statement before the Economic Offenses Bureau.  

Apart from talking about Nora and Jacqueline, Sukesh has also mentioned Nikki Tamboli and Chahat Khanna in this letter. According to Sukesh, both Nikki Tamboli and Chahat were associated with him only for professional work. Sukesh wrote, 'Nikki Tamboli and Chahat Khanna were only my professional associates and were supposed to work in my production.' 

Let me tell you, according to yesterday's news, apart from Jacqueline and Nora, Sukesh is also linked with some other model. In fact, the petition filed by the Delhi Police has claimed that apart from Jacqueline and Nora, another model/actress used to come to Tihar to meet Sukesh. Along with this, there were many revelations, from which it was clear that Sukesh lived a luxurious life despite being locked in Tihar.