US President: Joe Biden's house searched for 12 hours, officers took away six more confidential documents

Pankaj Prasad
US President Joe Biden
US President Joe Biden

America's President Joe Biden's difficulties are increasing day by day.

America's President Joe Biden's difficulties are increasing day by day. In the case of getting confidential documents from home, their problems do not seem to be reducing. Actually, Joe Biden's house has been raided once again. During the raid of the US Justice Department, six more confidential documents have been found from Biden's house, which may increase his difficulties further. This has been confirmed by Bob Bauer, Biden's personal lawyer. Attorney Bob Bauer said the search lasted about 12 hours.

Confidential documents during Biden's Vice President

According to Biden's lawyer, Justice Department officials raided Joe Biden's home in Delaware and former office in Wilmington on Friday to search for confidential documents. The confidential documents are from the time when Joe Biden was the Vice President. It is alleged that he had taken confidential documents with him before leaving the post.

I have no regrets: Biden Regarding

the same investigation, US President Joe Biden has said that he has no regrets for not disclosing the confidential documents before they were found in his personal office in November. We are fully cooperating and looking forward to resolve this quickly, he added. I think you'll find there's nothing there. I have no regrets. I am following what the lawyers have told me. His first public comments come in nearly a week since the developments came to light.

Secret documents found at Trump's house

Some secret classified files have been found from Trump's house, after which the threat of investigation has started hovering over him. However, now the statement of Donald Trump has also come to the fore in this matter. He said that I know that these files have been planted by some nefarious federal officials so that they can implicate me. But I am taking it lightly because I know that all this has been done to trap me and there is no evidence in it. He said that I did nothing wrong during my presidency. It is all a plan hatched against me.