80 percent of people in China are infected with corona, scientists said - chances of new wave less

Pankaj Prasad
Covid in China
Covid in China

The corona virus has taken a formidable form in China.

The corona virus has taken a formidable form in China. Alam is that a large part of the population here has been infected. Meanwhile, a big disclosure has been made by a prominent Chinese scientist. Wu Junyou, chief epidemiologist of the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention, says that there is little possibility of a second increase in corona infection in China in the next two to three months, as 80 percent of people have been infected. 

A large number of people will travel during the Lunar New Year holidays, which began in China on January 21, which could lead to an increase in infections in some areas, he said. However, the possibility of second corona wave is negligible. 

The situation in rural areas may be worse, scientist Wu Junyou said, during the Lunar New Year people from cities in China travel to rural areas to visit their relatives. In such a situation, the infection rate can be high in rural areas, because there are very few arrangements for the prevention of corona. On the other hand, another official has said that the number of serious corona patients in China has crossed the highest level. 

60 thousand people have died 

According to the official figures of China, till January 12, more than 60 thousand people have died here. Recently, China shared this data with the World Health Organization. China had cited the withdrawal of the Zero Covid policy as the reason for the jump in the number of deaths from Corona.