US: PAK journalist questions about BBC documentary on PM Modi, White House's statement stops speaking

Pankaj Prasad
BBC documentary on PM Modi
BBC documentary on PM Modi

Controversy has arisen ever since the release of a BBC documentary on Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Controversy has arisen ever since the release of a BBC documentary on Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Now America has also given its reaction regarding this. On Monday, when a Pakistani journalist questioned about this from US State Department spokesman Ned Price, he stopped the reporter's speech by referring to 'democracy'. He replied, "I am not familiar with the narrative of the BBC documentary. However, I am very familiar with the shared values that the US and India have as two thriving and vibrant democracies."

Addressing a press briefing, Price said on Monday (local time) that there are many things that strengthen America's global strategic partnership with India, including political, economic and people-to-people ties that are exceptionally deep. .Β 

Indo-US ties deepenΒ 

During this, Ned Price outlined the diplomatic relationship between the US and India and described India's democracy as a vibrant one, saying that we see everything that binds us together, and we embrace all of them. Looking forward to strengthening the elements that bind us together. He also emphasized the fact that the partnership that the US shares with India runs exceptionally deep and that the two nations share values that are common to American democracy and Indian democracy.

Rishi Sunak defends PM Modi

Last week, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak defended Prime Minister Narendra Modi and distanced himself from the BBC documentary series, saying he did not agree with the characterization of his Indian counterpart. Sunak made these comments on the controversial documentary raised by Pakistan-origin MP Imran Hussain in the British Parliament.

Seeking regional stability in South Asia

Ned Price said that we have long sought regional stability in South Asia. Our relations with India and Pakistan stand on their own and we do not see them as a zero sum. But the pace, scope and character of any talks between India and Pakistan is a matter between the two countries.