There will be a great war between America and China in 2025! World was shocked by the statement of US Air Force General

Pankaj Prasad
China US Tension
China US Tension

Mike Minihan, the top US Air Force general, has said that in the year 2025, a world war could break out between the US and China.

There is a possibility of a world war between China and America within two years. The world has been shocked since the claim of the top general of the US Air Force. General Mike Minihan has said that in the year 2025, a world war could break out between America and China. He has also sent a memo to senior officials for this and said that the way China's dictatorship is growing, war can break out at any time. He has asked the military officials to start preparations for the war.ย 

It is good if my apprehension is wrong: General Mike Minihan

According to media reports, General Mike Minihan, head of the Air Mobility Command, said that I hope that what I am thinking proves to be wrong. May my apprehension be wrong, it is for the good of the world. My inner self says that I will fight in the battlefield in 2025.

China may take advantage during 2024 election

Although the general's views do not represent the Pentagon, this possibility cannot be ruled out following a possible attempt by China to establish control over Taiwan. General Minihan further wrote that both the United Statesย and Taiwan will hold presidential elections in 2024, and in the meantime China can take advantage of the opportunity to take military action against Taiwan. After this, the situation can also become such that in 2025 the possibility of war between America and China will increase.

Nancy Pelosi's visit increased the tension

Tensions between China and the US escalated further when US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan in August 2022. China had strongly objected to Pelosi's visit to Taiwan. China had openly threatened Taiwan and conducted aerial exercises in its territory.