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Ahmed Murtaza, who attacked Gorakhnath temple, sentenced to death, special court gave its verdict

Pankaj Prasad
Ahmed Murtaza
Ahmed Murtaza

On April 4, Vinay Kumar Mishra, chief constable of Gorakhnath Chowki lodged a report saying that he was the security in-charge of gate number one of the temple.

Ahmed Murtaza, convicted in the case of attack on Gorakhnath temple, was sentenced to death. Special ATS Judge Vivekanand Sharan Pandey sentenced Ahmed Murtaza Abbasi, accused of injuring security personnel by entering the Gorakhnath temple. 

Significantly, on April 4, Vinay Kumar Mishra, the chief constable of Gorakhnath outpost, had said in the report lodged that he was the security in-charge of gate number one of the temple. Then suddenly the accused attacked PAC constable Anil Kumar Paswan from Banke and tried to snatch the weapon. 

When other security personnel came to the rescue, the accused also injured constable Gopal Gaur and started raising religious slogans while waving Banka. That's why he was caught in a hurry. Banka, laptop and material written in Urdu were recovered from him. The investigation of the case was given to ATS. Critic and Deputy SP Sanjay Verma filed the charge sheet. 

In the court, Murtaza was given a lawyer at the expense of the government, while 27 witnesses, including plaintiff Vinay Kumar Mishra, injured PAC jawan Anil Kumar Paswan, Gopal Gaur, doctors and others, were presented on behalf of the prosecution. On the other hand, the accused kept telling himself mentally ill, but due to no evidence in this regard, the court convicted him.