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Turkey Earthquake: Debris kept on removing with hands all night… every moment is heavy for broken breath

Pankaj Prasad
Earthquake in Turkey
Earthquake in Turkey

It is feared that the death toll could be in the tens of thousands as the debris is cleared in the coming days.

Every passing moment is precious for the tens of thousands of people gasping for breath under the rubble of thousands of collapsed buildings. The rescuers engaged in giving life to these breaking breaths are trying their best. In the snowy night, hundreds of rescue workers are searching for people by removing debris even with their hands. Local and foreign rescue teams in Turkey and Sariya are battling against time to save lives trapped in collapsed roofs and walls in sub-zero temperatures.

It is feared that the death toll could be in the tens of thousands as the debris is cleared in the coming days. There is no knowledge of many thousands of people, who fell asleep in their sleep. It breaks my heart to see the bodies of children and other family members coming out as the debris is cleared. Malatya, close to the epicenter, is home to 500,000 people. Several hundred buildings in the area have been completely destroyed. At the same time, due to snowfall on the debris, the rescue work is not being done properly.  

Container tossed like a toy

Earthquake tremors tossed giant containers filled with chemicals and other flammable materials at the Turkish Iskenderun port in the Mediterranean Sea, overturning them like toys and causing a massive fire. The port has been closed.

IS terrorists escaped from prison 

More than 20 Islamic State terrorists escaped from a prison built near the Syrian town of Rajo on the Turkey-Syria border. A struggle broke out between the prison inmates and the guards and the inmates took control, after which hundreds of prisoners escaped.

Indian Army will open a 60-bed hospital

for the injured; Indian Army will prepare 30-30-bed field hospital for the treatment of the injured in Turkey and Syria. A team from the Army's field hospital at Agra has reached Turkey to prepare a 30-bed field hospital. The team has a 45-member medical team including critical care specialists and surgeons. The second team also left on Tuesday from the Air Force's C-17 Globemaster-3 aircraft. All necessary equipment related to X-ray machines, ventilators, oxygen plants, operation theaters have been sent along with both the teams. Whereas, a C-130 Super Hercules aircraft with medicines and relief material is ready to leave for Damascus, Syria. An officer attached to the Army's Agra Field Hospital said that it has been decided to send a total of 89 members of the Army Medical Service, which will prepare two field hospitals with 30 beds each.

Pakistan did not give way to Indian plane 

Pakistan did not allow the Indian plane carrying relief material to Turkey to use its airspace, due to which the plane had to take a longer route. On the one hand, Pakistan describes itself as a true friend of Turkey, but when Turkey needs immediate help, Pakistan is blocking the way for Indian planes to provide help. Pakistan is being criticized all over the world for this act. Tell that Pakistan calls Turkey its friend.