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Twitter's former officials accepted the mistake, said - mistake in handling many issues

Pankaj Prasad
Twitters former officials
Twitters former officials

Many documents have also come to the fore, which shows how Twitter worked on these issues.

The former executives of microblogging platform Twitter finally got their act together. Former Twitter deputy counsel James Baker, head of trust and safety Joel Roth and former chief legal officer Vijaya Gadde appeared before the New Republican House Oversight Committee on Wednesday. Responding to the questions of the committee, these former executives admitted that the company had lapses in handling several issues. These include cases like the Biden laptop story that ran in October 2020, the opinion of all medical professionals on Corona. 

The House Oversight Committee is investigating all the allegations on Twitter. This investigation is being done especially on the border complaints related to Hunter Biden laptop story and censorship on the platform. Republican James Comer heads the committee. Comer is heading the investigation into business deals involving the Biden family. Many documents have also come out in this, which shows how Twitter worked on these issues. These documents were made public under the name of 'Twitter Files' after Elon Musk took over the company. It contains many internal e-mails, communications of Twitter employees. 

What other revelations happened? 

After the Twitter files came to the fore, it has been revealed how the company blocked the accounts of the users identified by the then authorities, imposed shadow bans and weakened the reach of the users. Apart from this, there was also discussion about the role of the then government in resolving the issue of Hunter Biden story. However, the former officials flatly denied that the then government had any hand in the decision.