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Mother-daughter burnt alive in front of officers: excuse of officers- set themselves on fire, attack on lekhpal with axe

Pankaj Prasad
Mother and daughter burnt alive
Mother and daughter burnt alive

A shocking case has come to light from Kanpur Dehat.

In Chahala village of Madauli panchayat of Maitha tehsil of Kanpur Dehat, mother and daughter were burnt alive inside the hut in front of a team of police and administrative officers who had reached to remove encroachment from the land of the village society. In an attempt to save both, the house owner and Rura Inspector also got scorched. Angry people started a ruckus accusing him of setting the fire. 

Lekhpal was attacked with an ax and injured. Ran the team of officers. Seeing the anger of the crowd, other members of the team ran away. Later angry people called SDM, The dead bodies were not allowed to rise, demanding registration of a murder report on 10 people of the village, including Rura Inspector, Tehsildar and Lekhpal. Till late night, the Divisional Commissioner and IG, DM were busy in convincing the people.

Did. On this the DM instructed the SDM to take action. SDM Maitha reached the spot at 3 pm along with Dnyaneshwar Prasad, Lekhpal Ashok, Revenue and Rura Inspector. 

The Revenue Department team started removing the possession from the bulldozer. Then suddenly a fire broke out in Krishna Gopal's hut built there. Krishna Gopal's wife Pramila present in the house (54) and daughter Shiva (22) were trapped in the flames. Krishna Gopal and Rura Inspector Dinesh Gautam, who ran to save him, got scorched. Meanwhile, angry family and villagers started a ruckus due to burning of mother-daughter alive. 

Lekhpal Ashok Singh was attacked with an axe. Other people of the team that reached to remove the encroachment left their vehicles there and saved their lives by running away from the spot. After this people started demanding registration of murder report on SDM Maitha, Tehsildar Lekhpal and 10 people of the village. 

Police were not allowed to take the dead bodies of mother and daughter. Divisional Commissioner Dr. Rajshekhar, IG Prashant Kumar, DM Neha Jain and SP BBGTS Murthy tried to convince people by assuring them of action in the matter. But people did not allow the dead body to be raised till late night.

Accused of setting the hut on fire – Denial of cremation of dead bodies

Krishna Gopal Dixit says that some people of the village set the hut on fire while removing the possession of the team. Wife Pramila and daughter Shiva were sleeping inside. Both were burnt alive in the fire. It is alleged that the team of the Revenue Department has also broken the hand pump and the religious platform while removing the encroachment. The dead bodies will not be cremated until the report is registered against the revenue and police officers as well as some people of the village.

DM's clarification- Mother-daughter locked themselves and set fire to the hut

DM Neha Jain told that Krishna Gopal's land of Gata number 1642 of the village society was in possession. On the complaint of the people of the village, the SDM was directed to investigate the matter and take action. SDM had gone with the police team to remove the encroachment. Only then the mother-daughter went inside the hut built there and set themselves on fire. Seeing the flames coming out of the hut, Rura Inspector and Krishna Gopal both got scorched while trying to save them. Action will be taken after probing the entire matter.