Ukraine: New Russian invasion in Ukraine, eastern city Bakhmut burning in artillery fire, NATO worried

Pankaj Prasad
Russian army attacked Bakhmut
Russian army attacked Bakhmut

The Russian army has started a dangerous war near the eastern city of Bakhmut in Ukraine.

The Russian army has started a dangerous war near the eastern city of Bakhmut in Ukraine. Bakhmut is withering under heavy artillery fire. At least five civilians were killed, while at least five others were injured in shelling in the war-torn country in the past 24 hours. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has expressed concern after this attack. Supporting the report of the local authorities, he said that we are keeping an eye on how they are sending their troops and weapons. We will support Ukraine at all costs.

Russian army targeted a dozen cities and villages in the last 24 hours

The Russian military has shelled dozens of towns and villages in the Donetsk region in the past 24 hours. A missile targeted the hospital.

Russia's new offensive comes just days before the first anniversary of Moscow's invasion of Ukraine. Although, Ukraine said it knew Russia would invade the region at some point. Gaining a foothold in Bakhmut has been a major goal for Russian President Vladimir Putin, as a Russian capture of the city would quickly break Ukraine's back. However, the Ukrainian army is also giving a befitting reply.

Here are the top updates on Russia's new offensive in Ukraine:

1.The Russian assault on Bakhmut is led by mercenaries from the Wagner Group.

2. City,The suburbs of the city and essentially the entire city of Bakhmut are under fire from Russian troops.

3.The Russian Defense Ministry said its troops had advanced a few kilometers along the front.

4.Ukraine reported Russian shelling in all border areas and said 16 settlements near Bakhmut were bombed.

5. President of Ukraine Zelensky said thanks to all our soldiers who are preventing the occupiers from besieging Bakhmut...And those who are in our key positions at the front.ย 

6. Training of Ukrainian forces on Leopard-2 and other advanced battle tanks is underway in several European countries, including Poland, Britain and Germany, Reuters reported.