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Cyclone Gabrielle: Dire form of flood in New Zealand after cyclone, 1.6 million people affected, three dead

Pankaj Prasad
Cyclone in New Zealand
Cyclone in New Zealand

Due to the floods caused by the cyclone, about one third of the total population of New Zealand i.e. 1.6 million people are living in the affected areas.

Due to Cyclone Gabriel in New Zealand, the situation is getting worse day by day. While this cyclone has affected many islands, the floods in the country have taken a formidable form. This type of crisis had never been seen before. The government of Chris Hipkins has already declared a state of emergency, only the third time in New Zealand's history.

16 lakh people affected due to cyclone, three died

Due to the floods caused by the cyclone, about one-third of the total population of the country i.e. 16 lakh people are living in the affected areas. 

Now it can be inferred that about 1.25 lakh people on the road 

About 1.25 lakh people have come on the road. Houses have been destroyed by fallen trees,

Most damage to these areas

Storm damage has been most extensive in coastal communities on the far north and east coast of the North Island. Hawke's Bay,

Power failure in more than 40 thousand houses

It has caused widespread flooding and landslides in the North Island of New Zealand. Also sea waves are rising. More than 40,000 homes have lost power and hundreds of flights have been canceled due to heavy rain and strong winds in New Zealand.

Most of the North Island badly affected

Did it McAnulty said this is an unprecedented weather event which is having a major impact across much of the North Island. 

people swimming out of bedroom windows

Local media reported that some residents of Hawke's Bay had to swim through bedroom windows to escape as their homes were flooded. 
People's Aerial photographs of flooded areas showed people trapped on rooftops waiting for relief. Uprooted trees, broken street lights and poles included in the massive scale of the damage.
New Zealand's Defense Force has released dramatic pictures of officers rescuing a stranded sailor. Whose boat was washed away in the sea due to breaking in strong winds.