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Two youths abducted from Rajasthan were burnt alive, Bajrang Dal and CIA accused of murder after abduction

Pankaj Prasad
Two youths abducted from Rajasthan were burnt alive
Two youths abducted from Rajasthan were burnt alive

An abandoned Bolero vehicle was found in a burnt condition in Barwas village of Bhiwani.

Skeletons of two youths burnt alive in a Bolero were found on Thursday morning in Barwas ki Bani village of Loharu town, bordering Rajasthan. Villagers gave information on Dial 112 about the burnt Bolero inside Bani on Thursday morning. After this Loharu's DSP and police reached the spot. Only skeletons were left in the burnt condition of two people on the back seat of the Bolero. Even the number plate on the car was burnt.

Police traced the vehicle from the chassis number. then the dead They were identified as Junaid and Nasir, residents of village Ghatmika under Gopalgarh police station area of district Bharatpur, Rajasthan. The relatives of the deceased have accused the Firozpur Jhirka CIA and Bajrang Dal members of abducting them and burning them alive after beating them. This matter is also being linked to cow-smuggling.

Cousin Ismail had filed a report in the kidnapping of Nasir and Junaid. The brother of the deceased alleges that his two cousins Nasir and Junaid both had gone to Bhoru Vas Sikri in-laws house in their Bolero. Stopped there on Tuesday night. He was returning from Bolero at six o'clock on Wednesday morning. It is alleged that around eight-ten people stopped his Bolero and assaulted him. After this, the accused kidnapped both of them along with the Bolero.

On the other hand, Ismail, the cousin of the deceased, has alleged that Ferozepur Jhirka CIA and Bajrang Dal's Monu Manesar and Rinku Saini, Ferozepur Jhirka along with their accomplices chased the car of both their brothers. CIA's vehicle hit from the front and Bajrang Dal members stopped their vehicle by hitting it from behind. Then both of them were rendered half-dead after beating them. He was taken to the police station. 

It is alleged that the police of the police station asked to be taken back. After this, both of them were burnt alive after taking them to Barwas ki Bani village of Loharu in Bhiwani district in Bolero itself. The relatives have also accused CIA Ferozepur Jhirka and Bajrang Dal members of abducting both the youths, killing them after assault and mutilating their bodies. At present, the Bhiwani police is engaged in the investigation by taking possession of both the burnt skeletons.

Vehicle's chassis number identified, Gopalgarh police also reached Loharu

Loharu police traced the identity of both the deceased from the chassis number of the burnt Bolero. After this SHO Ramnaresh of Bharatpur Gopalgarh police station reached Loharu police station. The SHO identified the two deceased as Nasir and Junaid, residents of village Ghatmika. After this, the relatives of the deceased were also called.
Skeletons of two people have been found in burnt condition inside the Bolero. The case of kidnapping and assault of these two is registered in Gopalgarh police station of Bharatpur district. The dead will be identified only through DNA. Bhiwani police will take action in this regard by recording the statements of the family members and registering a case of murder. - Ajit Singh Shekhawat, Superintendent of Police Bhiwani.