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Ajmer: Three people burnt alive in a collision between a gas tanker and a trailer

Pankaj Prasad
Gas tanker and trailer collided
Gas tanker and trailer collided

Ten houses and two trucks also caught fire due to the explosion.

A major accident took place in the early hours of Friday near Rani Bagh resort in Ajmer. It is being told that there was a huge collision between a gas tanker and a truck trailer here. Three people were burnt alive in the accident. Four people are said to be seriously injured. There was also an explosion after the collision, due to which the gas tanker caught fire. Due to this, the fire spread to the road and the surrounding area for about 400 meters. Two trucks and several two-wheelers running on the highway also came under its grip. More than 10 houses also caught fire due to the fire spreading around including Misripura and Garib Nawaz Colony. The dead included the drivers of both the gas tanker and the trailer carrying the marble stones. The injured have been admitted to JLN Hospital.

Collector-SP started relief work from one o'clock in the night, after getting the information after the late night accident, Collector Anshdeep and SP Chunaram Jat reached the spot from one o'clock in the night and got the rescue done. Local police station, fire brigade, ambulance carried out night rescue work on the spot. According to the drivers present on the spot, the highway was jammed for a long time due to the fire. Hussain Khan, the eyewitness watchman of the Surana pole factory, told that the sound of the explosion was heard far and wide.