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Pakistan: Sword of arrest hangs on former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Lahore police reached Imran Khan's house

Pankaj Prasad
Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan
Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan

Last year, the Election Commission had disqualified Imran Khan in the banned funding case.

The sword of arrest hangs over former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan. Police can arrest former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan. It is being told that the Lahore Police has reached Imran's residence to arrest him. Imran's supporters surrounded his residence. 

The court on Wednesday rejected his interim bail plea. An Anti-Terrorism Court of Pakistan had rejected Imran Khan's petition for not attending the hearing of the related case. 

It was said that on medical grounds, Imran Khan was given enough time to appear before the court, but he failed to do so. However, Imran Khan's lawyer Babar Ayan said that Imran Khan has not recovered from the attack on him last year and he should be given one last chance to appear in the court. After this, the court while dismissing the petition remarked that the court cannot give such relief to a common man, in such a way even a powerful person like Imran Khan cannot be given relief. 

ordered to appear in person 

The request was rejected. The court had asked Imran Khan to appear in person on 15 February. However, Imran Khan did not appear before the court. 

Demonstrations took place after being disqualified was declared ineligible. After this, Tehreek-e-Insaf activists protested outside the offices of the Election Commission across the country. In this matter, in October last year, the police started investigation by registering a case under anti-terror laws. In this case, Imran Khan was given interim bail.