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Train Canceled today: 442 trains will not run even today

Pankaj Prasad
Train Canceled
Train Canceled

Trains have been canceled due to repair of rail track and some other operational reasons.

If you too have to go somewhere by train today, then before leaving home, do check the status of your train. It is necessary to do this because Railways has canceled 442 trains today i.e. on Saturday 25 February (Cancelled Train list 25 February 2023). Trains have been canceled due to repair of rail track and some other operational reasons. Major trains canceled today include Prayagraj Sangam to Ayodhya Cantt passenger, New Delhi to Kanpur Central Shatabdi Express, Kolkata Terminal to Amritsar Durgiana Express, Anand Vihar Terminal to Puri Nandan Kanan Express and Anand Vihar Terminal. Sitamarhi to Lichchavi Express.

According to the website of Indian Railways, 388 trains have been completely canceled today. 54 trains have been partially cancelled. Railways has also rescheduled 26 trains today. Not only this, today 49 trains are being run on a different route instead of their scheduled route. The trains canceled today include passenger, mail and superfast trains.

Check Status Like This

Almost every information related to Indian Railways is available online today. You can also find information about canceled, partially canceled and route diverted trains on the website of Railways and IRCTC. Information about canceled trains is also available on NTES App. Information about the status of any train can be obtained from the railway website or by visiting the link of IRCTC website May go. We are telling you how to know the status of the train from the website of Indian Railways.

To check the status of the train, visit

Now fill the captcha.
Now you will see the Exceptional Trains option.
Click on the Exceptional Trains option.
Here the option of canceled, re-scheduled and diverted trains will be available.
By clicking on these, you can know about the canceled, rescheduled and diverted trains.
By clicking on Train Exceptional info, you can check the status of the train by its name or number.

Money back on cancellation of train In case of cancellation of train, you can get refund of ticket money. Passengers who have booked e-tickets from IRCTC website, they get ticket refund automatically. In case of train cancellation, the refund will be credited to your bank account/credit card/e-wallet from which the money was paid for the ticket. Tickets purchased from the reservation counter can be canceled by visiting the computerized reservation counter.