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Raipur session: Congress seems to be getting ready for the role of 2024, Rahul Gandhi's claim as a leader is strong

Pankaj Prasad
Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi

With the victory of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the BJP had started preparations for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

With the victory of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the BJP had started preparations for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. Since then till now she has been creating such an atmosphere as if there is no challenge before her from the opposition, but Rahul Gandhi's 'Bharat Jodo Yatra' worked to create an atmosphere in the whole country. The Raipur session of Congress has done the work of projecting the claim of that yatra as a 'morchabandi'.

From the Raipur session, the party has not only indicated that itIn 2024, the PM is not ready to give a 'walk over' to Narendra Modi, but is also seen claiming to present Rahul Gandhi as the leader of the opposition. 

Rahul was seen trying to connect with everyone

Rahul Gandhi was seen trying to connect with the common people even during the Bharat Jodo Yatra. Even in the Raipur session, he tried to present himself in the same form. Saying that he does not even have a house, he was seen trying to connect himself with the poor, who despite all the claims of development are still deprived of any facilities. History shows that such emotional and sensitive appeals have proved very effective among the masses. 

sense of responsibility

One thing was very clearly visible in this convention that the Congress leadership is understanding its responsibility very well. Priyanka Gandhi said it is the responsibility of the Congress to provide a platform to those who, for whatever reason, feel that something is going wrong in the country and needs to be rectified. That is, Congress is not only ready to take people of non-BJP ideology under its umbrella, but it is also ready to make some compromises, if necessary. Leaders like Nitish Kumar have been continuously asking the Congress to understand its role and be ready to act accordingly. 

Political analysts believe that if the Congress leadership succeeds in its strategy and is able to present itself as the opposition leader, then an interesting contest can be seen in the next elections. The stand of the grand alliance shows that now the Congress will not face much trouble in staking claim as the leader of the opposition. It is worth noting that even after the charismatic success of PM Narendra Modi, BJP was able to get only 37.43 percent votes in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. That is, about 63-64 percent non-BJP voters preferred other parties. If Congress succeeds in saving them, then the balance can tilt either way. 
Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge raised the issue of Manuvad in Raipur session and told that he is ready to join hands with Nitish Kumar-Tejashwi Yadav and Akhilesh Yadav. He has also made it clear that the Congress is not ready to let go of this big opportunity by calling for a nationwide protest on the Adani dispute on March 6. She will firmly hit the ground running with these issues.  

Congress can become the voice of opposition

Senior journalist Ashutosh told Amar Ujala that BJP tries to create such an atmosphere as if there is no challenge in front of it. This is not the truth. A similar attempt by the BJP in Delhi-Punjab and West Bengal has proved completely fruitless. Today Congress seems to be preparing itself as the leader of the opposition. Even today many parties are standing with the Congress in Maharashtra, Bihar, Jharkhand, Tripura, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Over time, other parties in other states may also join it.  

The big question has been whether the opposition will accept Rahul Gandhi as its leader? Leaders like Mamta Banerjee and Arvind Kejriwal have been at loggerheads with the Congress on this issue. If no party gets a majority after the Lok Sabha elections in 2024, then these parties will not have the option of going with any other party other than the Congress. 

Since, in the political history of the country, many alliances have been able to take shape only after the elections, hence coming together from now on should not be seen as the first condition. If the Congress and other parties give a strong challenge to the BJP on their own ground and can stop it before a certain score, then the alliance will not become a big problem. Along with the BJP itself, many political parties came together only after the elections. But there is no doubt that the Raipur session of the Congress has proved successful in leaving a big message, the impact of which will be seen in the country in the days to come.   

The bigger question is the credibility of the leader. People will not vote for Congress just because they all stand together. Rather, the public will vote for a leader who is seen fighting for their issues and will be credible in their eyes. Definitely, Congress needs to work harder on this front as there is still no competition for Narendra Modi on this front.