For the third time in 72 years, February is the hottest, chances of drizzle tomorrow; Wind will blow 30-40 KM per hour

Pankaj Prasad
Delhi Weather
Delhi Weather

Since the beginning of February this year, there has been a rise in the temperature.

For the third time in 72 years, the heat in the capital has set a record in the month of February. From 1951 to 2023, the month of February was the third warmest. This time the average maximum temperature of February has been recorded at 27.7 degrees. 

Earlier, the highest average maximum temperature was 29.7 in 2006 and 27.9 degree Celsius in 1960. On February 20 this year, the maximum temperature reached 33.6 degrees, due to which a record of such high temperature was made for the third time in 55 years. On Tuesday, the maximum temperature was seven notches above normal at 32.1 degrees Celsius and the minimum temperature was one notch above normal at 13.5 degrees Celsius.

Since the beginning of February this year, there has been a rise in the temperature. By the middle of February, the heat started making us sweat. Since last week, the maximum temperature has been recorded five to seven degrees above normal. Generally, at the end of February, the temperature is 27.1 degrees and the minimum temperature is 13.1 degrees. But this year, along with the maximum, the minimum temperature is also increasing. The reason for the rise in temperature is being attributed to the absence of a strong Western Disturbance.

Due to the effect of Western Disturbance, strong wind prevailed throughout the day

Due to the activation of a Western Disturbance in the Northwest Himalayan region, on Tuesday it was partly cloudy and the wind speed was 30-40 kmph. Almost similar weather is expected on Wednesday as well. Along with this, there will be strong wind, there may be light drizzle in some areas. Till next week, the temperature will remain between 32-33 degrees and the minimum temperature will remain between 14-15 degrees. For this reason, the heat like April will be felt in March itself.
Average maximum temperature from 1951 to 2023

Year maximum temperature
2006 29.7 °C
1960 27.9 °C
2023 27.7 °C