Police asked Atiq's brother Ashraf's wife - where is your sister-in-law, Zainab gave this answer

Pankaj Prasad
Umesh Pal Murder Case
Umesh Pal Murder Case

Prayagraj police took Ashraf's wife Zainab Ruby into custody on Wednesday.

Prayagraj is engaged in search of absconding accused in Umesh Pal murder case. The police have taken many people into custody so far. The police is engaged in questioning those people by taking them into custody. On the other hand, after shooting Umesh Pal in broad daylight, the house of a close friend of Mafia Atiq Ahmed, where the shooters had spent the night in Chakia, was demolished by the PDA on Wednesday. This two-storey building was turned into rubble by running bulldozers continuously for eight hours. 

The map of this building was not near. Meanwhile an air rifle, Photographs of Talwar and Ateeq's family members were also recovered. On the other hand, the police took Ashraf's wife Zainab Ruby into custody on Wednesday. He is being questioned about Shaista and Asad. Zainab did not live in Chakia but in the Hatwa village of her maternal home, Pooramufti. 

Atiq's wife Shaista Parveen has absconded after being named in the Umesh Pal murder case. Raids are being conducted in search of them. Shaista's mobile is also switched off. Today the police demolished the house of Khalid Zafar in Chakia where Shaista used to live with her sons. 

Ruby is taken into custody. He was clearly asked where is sister-in-law Shaista. Zainab told that she did not know. Shaista's mobile is switched off.

Similarly, Zainab was also questioned about Asad about Shaista's maternal uncle and other relatives. However, Zainab replied in the negative about that. Information was also taken from Zainab about Ashraf, Guddu Muslim, Ghulam, and Armaan. The police have picked up Zainab as well as many people from her maternal home. Everyone's mobile call details and WhatsApp calls are being checked.

Shaista is the daughter of a sub-inspector, Shaista Parveen, wife of Atiq, who grew up in the police quarter, is the daughter of retired sub-inspector Harun. She grew up in the Police Quarters in Pratapgarh. Harun was the first soldier. Later, after getting promotion, he became a sub-inspector. Even today no information could be found about Shaista. Police raided many places in search of Shaista. Some people have been picked up on the basis of mobile call details.

Rais Balu's nephew also in police custody

Police took Rais Balu's nephew into custody on Wednesday. In fact, Atiq's henchman Aashiq alias Malli has kinship in Rais's house. Armaan, whose name is coming up as the shooter in the Umesh Pal murder case, is very special to Malli. That's why the police picked him up.

Raid in the villages of Gangapar and Yamunapar as well

Police today conducted searches in several villages of Gangapar and Yamunapar. Some people from Meja, Mauaima and Phulpur areas have been picked up by the police.
On the apprehension of surrender of Asad, the police personnel laid siege to the district court on Wednesday also, on the apprehension of the surrender of the accused named in the Umesh Pal murder case. This situation continued till late evening. Rumors of surrender of Asad, one of the accused in the Umesh Pal murder case, have been doing the rounds for three days, including on social media. 

However, this could not be confirmed till Wednesday. In view of the rumours, many big officers of the Police Department also gathered information about it in other courts including the CJM Court in the morning. However, the application for surrender could not be confirmed. The court also flatly refused to file or consider any application for surrender. Despite this, the soldiers of the Special Security Force had camped in the court from nine o'clock in the morning in plain clothes.