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Ernie Bot AI Chatbot: China launches its AI chatbot, Baidu shares fall

Pankaj Prasad
Ernie Bot AI Chatbot
Ernie Bot AI Chatbot

Ernie bot has been introduced several months after the launch of Chat GPT.

Chinese giant Baidu has launched AI chatbot Ernie Bot to compete with Microsoft. However, it also disappointed investors. Baidu CEO Robin Li said it was incomplete, but was introduced due to high demand.

So far 650 companies have signed up in it. Lee's Ernie Bot Shares fell 10% shortly after releasing a pre-recorded video of . Baidu has been investing in AI for more than a decade, Li said.

Has been done Baidu is one of several Chinese firms working on similar chatbots. Baidu said in February, for the first time, that internal testing of its Ernie bot is complete.