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Trainee craft fell in Balaghat, pilot and instructor died, both burnt alive

Pankaj Prasad
Trainee craft fell in Balaghat
Trainee craft fell in Balaghat

The trainee aircraft crashed in the Naxal-affected area of Balaghat after taking off from Maharashtra.

Trainee aircraft crashed in Naxal affected area of Balaghat. In this, the female pilot and the instructor were burnt alive. The name of the pilot is being told as Rukhshanka and the name of the instructor is Mohit. Gondia ATC AGM Kamlesh Meshram has confirmed the accident. Pilots are trained at Birsi in Maharashtra. From there the trainee plane took off at 2 pm. His last location was found after two and a half hours at around 3:45 pm. A video of this incident has also surfaced, in which a person is seen burning. 

This incident happened in the forest of Bhakku Tola near Kirnapur. This It is about 40 kms away from the district headquarter. Balaghat Superintendent of Police Sameer Saurabh said that there was an instructor and a female trainee pilot in the trainee aircraft. A man's body is seen burning in the wreckage of the aircraft. Information regarding the other could not be found. This trainee plane was a trainee aircraft of Birsi Airport in Gondia district of Maharashtra. It has crashed in the border of Balaghat district. No official cause of the aircraft crash has been confirmed. The place of incident is village Bhakku Tola under Kosmara Panchayat of Kirnapur, which is a hilly inaccessible area.