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Ateeq Ahmad: Police raid on Ateeq Ahmad's office in Prayagraj, cash worth crores recovered

Pankaj Prasad
Police raid on Ateeq Ahmads office in Prayagraj
Police raid on Ateeq Ahmads office in Prayagraj

Officers along with a large number of police forces raided the office of Mafia Atiq Ahmed in Dhumanganj on Tuesday.

Atiq Ahmed's office in Dhumanganj was raided with a large number of police forces on Tuesday. During this, many arms and cash worth crores have been recovered. Police had received information that past gang members and his family members have hidden their weapons and cash in the ruined office, so that no one can doubt here, it is being expressed that Umesh Pal The weapons used in the murder were kept hidden here.

A cache of arms has been recovered in the raid. Huge amounts After getting the cash, the eyes of the officials also got teary. A machine has been called to count the notes. It is being told that the weapons were kept hidden in the ruined office. Cash and weapons have also been recovered from inside the walls. A large quantity of cartridges and guns were also kept buried under the ground. Please tell that this office located in Dhumanganj was demolished with bulldozer. 

The recovered cash is in two hundred and five hundred rupees. Now the walls of every room there are being demolished and the debris already lying there is being searched. Two caretakers have also been detained on this occasion.

According to the police, a total of 10 weapons have been recovered so far and the search operation is still going on. Everyone is surprised to find huge quantity of weapons and cartridges. The police raid on Atiq is believed to be the biggest injury ever. The recovered cash is said to be more than one crore.