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Hindenburg, who created a stir with revelations in the Adani case, claims another 'big report' is coming

Pankaj Prasad
Hindenburg Research
Hindenburg Research

Hindenburg's most talked about report was about Nikola, a big company in America's auto sector.

Hindenburg Research, popular for creating a stir in the stock market through its reports, has now said to bring another 'big report' soon. The short selling firm said in a tweet that a big report is coming soon. Significantly, due to Hindenburg's previous report, Indian billionaire businessman Gautam Adani suffered huge losses in the stock market. Not only this, many companies of Adani were also under the supervision of SEBI. 

What is Hindenburg Research?

Which analyzes equity, credit and derivative market data. It is founded in the year 2017 by Nathan Anderson. Hindenburg Research also operates a hedge fund business. It is known for making disclosures about the activities of the corporate world. The company's name is based on the Hindenburg disaster that occurred in 1937, when a German passenger airship caught fire, killing 35 people.

Money is not being manipulated, is it? Is any company account mismanagement not showing itself big? Is the company not harming the shares of other companies by wrongly placing bets in the stock market for its own benefit?

Hindenburg was in discussion about which reports earlier?

Earlier, it has published separate reports on about 18 companies of America, Canada and China, after which there was a lot of hue and cry. Most of the companies were from America, which faced different allegations. 

The big company stayed with Nikola. After this report, Nikola's shares were broken by 80 percent. The report on Nicola exposed the alleged fraud with the help of whistleblowers and former employees. Trevor Milton, Nikola's founder and executive chairman, resigned from the company immediately. The company is under investigation following the report. Chairman Trevor Milton immediately resigned from the company.