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Driving License: New rule issued for getting driving license, now this work will have to be done

Pankaj Prasad
New rule issued for driving license
New rule issued for driving license

Now you will have to face a new system to get a driving license.

Getting a driving license in Uttar Pradesh will not be that easy now. In view of the increasing cases of road accidents, the government has changed the process of getting a driving license. Now before the permanent license the applicant will have to take one month's training. Training certificate will have to be attached with the application, only then the driving license will be available. The department has started the process of opening schools for training.

It was not necessary yetย 

First a temporary license is made for the driver. After obtaining a temporary license, an application for a permanent license has to be made within six months. Till now there was no compulsion to attach driving training certificate along with the application for permanent license. Approval was given for issuing the license of the applicant only after driving the vehicle at the office.

There is a dearth of driving schools

There is a dearth of driving schools in the district. Only 6 schools are running at present. There is no training school at the level of the department, due to which there are difficulties in getting training for driving vehicles. The establishment of the Accreditation Driver Training Center will be on the national highway, state road or other district road. Internet, broadband telephone line etc. facility of means of communication will also be available at the establishment site of the centre.

Training center will be opened soonย 

ARTO of Kasganj Rajesh Rajput said that applications have been invited for opening training centers in the district. To apply, the applicant can do complete information at the office of the department.