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'Sir, this is money for sweets': 500 and 2000 notes found in UP board exam answer sheets

Pankaj Prasad
UP board Intermediate exam evaluation
UP board Intermediate exam evaluation

The examiners have so far received an amount of Rs 15,000 in the answer sheets of the UP Board. 100 to 500 and 2000 notes are included.

Sir... haven't written much, don't spoil our future, this is money for sweets... These things were found written in the answer sheets of the UP Board. The examiners doing the UP board evaluation are also surprised and troubled by such adulation. So far, an amount of Rs 15 thousand has been received in the assessment of seven days.

100 to 500 and 2000 notes are included. Difficult subjects have been found in the answer sheets of Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry. Four evaluation centers have been set up in the district, answer books of Inter students are being checked at Government Queens Inter College and PN Government Inter College.

An awkward situation arose while checking the answer sheets of intermediate students. When examiners started getting green, pink, blue and orange notes to pass the exam. Some examiners were shocked to get the note, while some laughed. Teachers also discussed among themselves at the evaluation centers. Some have also written about buying sweets with the money along with pleading not to fail.

1623 examiners checked 49,457 answer sheets

On Saturday, 1623 examiners evaluated 49,457 answer sheets. 284 examiners evaluated 13,823 answer sheets in Prabhu Narayan Government Inter College. 253 examiners examined 9977 copies in Government Queens Inter College. In Mahabodhi Inter College, 22,111 copies were checked by 476 examiners. In Bhartiya Shiksha Mandir, 3546 answer sheets were checked by 610 examiners. On Saturday, 949 examiners remained absent at all the four centres. 44 Deputy Principal Examiners remained absent.