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There will be retrenchment in Amazon, 9000 jobs in danger, sword on 7,000 in Disney too

Pankaj Prasad

Amazon has once again started throwing people out. Earlier 18000 people were sorted.

The layoffs are not stopping in the IT sector. Amazon is once again showing the way out to 9 thousand people. Even before this, the company had fired people on a large scale. These layoffs started only at the end of 2022. By the first month of 2023, the company had fired 18,000 people. In the first round of retrenchment, people were fired from the retail, hiring, HR and device departments.

This time the company is going to throw out people from business, livestreaming and cloud computing. According to the news, this time also the people of HR will face the sword of retrenchment. For this, the company had announced in March 2023 that it was going to lay off 9,000 people. Then the company's CEO Andy Jassy had informed about the retrenchment. According to the news, Amazon has started removing people from the advertising team.

Employees will get salary and benefits

The company has said that all the employees being fired will be paid full salary and other benefits. Full and final settlement of employees of New York and New Jersey will be done in 90 days and employees working in other cities will be settled in 60 days.

The Walt Disney Company is also continuously laying off Walt Disney Layoffs in queue. The company may again lay off 15 percent of its employees next week. This means that the company will lay off around 7000 employees. This truncation will be done in different teams. The company is about to lay off on a large scale in the entertainment department. Apart from this, the sword of retrenchment is hanging on the jobs of many people working in TV, film, theme park and corporate.