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Water Metro: PM will inaugurate the country's first water metro today, will some special facilities be available

Pankaj Prasad
Water Metro Rail Service
Water Metro Rail Service

PM Modi released pictures of the water metro yesterday. He said that the Kochi Water Metro will prove to be important in increasing the infrastructure of the city.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate India's first 'Water Metro Rail Service' in Kerala today. This service is considered very useful for such cities, where there are many obstacles in the traditional metro rail. Let us know some interesting information related to the water metro rail service-

Kochi Water Metro will prove to be instrumental in enhancing the infrastructure of the city. The Rs 1,136 crore project is being touted as a dream project for Kerala. It will be able to promote economic activities in the city through public transport and tourism.

Water Metro is starting between Kochi and ten nearby islands. Kochi Water Metro in the first phase will start between High Court-Vypin Terminal and Vittila-Kakkanad Terminal

The minimum fare for travel on the water metro is Rs 20, for those who are regular commuters, they can also take weekly and monthly passes like a bus or local train. Let us tell you, the weekly rent will be Rs 180, while the monthly rent will be Rs 600, while the quarterly rent will be Rs 1,500. Not only this, commuters will be able to travel in Kochi Metro train and Water Metro using a single smart card. You can use the Kochi One app to book tickets.

The boats to be operated as Water Metro have been built by Cochin Shipyard Limited. The project is funded by the Government of Kerala in collaboration with KFW of Germany. About Rs 1,137 crore has been spent on this.

Water Metro will start with 8 electric hybrid boats first, then later their number will be increased.

It will be fully air-conditioned like a metro train and will run daily for 12 hours at an interval of 15 minutes. Right now there are 23 boats and 14 terminals in the beginning. At the same time, 50 to 100 passengers can sit in each metro.

Now the transport system according to the need of the city

Metro Light: In Gorakhpur, Jammu

Experience, Comfort, Amenities, Punctuality, Reliability, Safety and Environment Protection at par with conventional Metro.

For Tier-2 and smaller cities like Jammu, Srinagar, Gorakhpur.

Services to a maximum of 15 thousand people at a time.

40% less cost than traditional metro.

Metro Neo : In Nashik

This metro service with rubber wheels will be run on the road slab by taking power from the overhead traction line. Traditional Metro like facilities.
Preparation in Nashik. The electric bus will be like a trolley.
Will carry a maximum of eight thousand passengers at a time.

Local Rapid Transport System: In NCR, Meerut

For the first time in the country, two cities have been planned to be connected by Metro through Local Rapid Transport System or RRTS.
For NCR-Meerut. Growth is expected to accelerate at the local level. Citizens will also be able to get better transport services.