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Raveena Tandon: Raveena Tandon told OTT is better than film industry, said - actress gets more fees

Pankaj Prasad
Raveena Tandon
Raveena Tandon

In the Bollywood industry, actresses are underrated as compared to the actors.

In the Bollywood industry, actresses are underrated as compared to the actors. Even they are paid less than the actors. Till now many actresses have presented their stand for paying less fees in the Bollywood industry. Everyone from Priyanka Chopra to Deepika Padukone had said that actresses get less fees in the industry, but actress Raveena Tandon has a different opinion on this matter. Now Raveena has shared her views about the fees of women.

Women getting higher fees

In fact, talking about the fees of women, Raveena Tandon said that even though women in films are earning less money than men, but in the OTT platform and TV industry, women artists have found their footing and are paid more than the actors. goes. Film industry needs to learn from OTT and TV industry. He is creating content based on women and paying them more fees. Women are doing well in OTT, where they get paid well.

Women got importance in OTT

Raveena also revealed the reason why women are getting higher fees in OTT and TV industry. He believes that in the film industry, the role of male producer and director is more, but it is not so in TV and OTT. Here women are also producers, who create good content and cast women as lead actors, due to which actresses get a chance.

actress work front

On the other hand, talking about the film career of the actress, Raveena Tandon made her OTT debut with the web series 'Aaranyak', in which she won the hearts of the audience with her strong performance. She was last seen in South Superstar Yash's film 'KGF 2'. Now she will be seen in the film 'Ghudchadhi'.