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'People will elect BJP full of enthusiasm, not tired Congress', PM said in Belagavi and Vijaypur meetings

Pankaj Prasad
PM Narendra Modi
PM Narendra Modi

The PM said that Karnataka has suffered a lot due to the period of unstable governments.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday addressed election meetings in Humunabad, Belagavi and Vijayapura in Karnataka. Addressing an election rally in Belagavi, the PM said, "The mantra of developed Karnataka for developed India is resonating here. A few months ago I had the opportunity to come here. Then the way mothers and sisters showered their blessings on me all the way Rained I can never forget him.

Addressing the election rally, the PM said that your coming here in such a large number… this immense affection of yours… this affinity of yours inspires me to do something for Karnataka. Today I have come among you as a dedicated worker of a friend of yours. The PM said, "AAP workers have irrigated the expansion and idea of BJP with their hard work. You have contributed a lot in making a small plant a banyan tree."

The Prime Minister said that Karnataka has tradition as well as technology. Here startups and culture need to be strengthened together. Karnataka is the wonderful land where India's ancient and modern identity meet and prosper together.

PM said - Due to the unstable government, the dreams of the youth of Karnataka were shattered

The PM said that Karnataka has suffered a lot due to the period of unstable governments. In a state with rich great tradition like Karnataka, the dreams of the youth here have been shattered due to an unstable government. Only BJP can provide a stable and strong government to take Karnataka to new heights of development.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, we have always considered public service as national service. The public is considered as the form of Janardan. When I have come to Belagavi today, I have come among you with this spirit. On 10th May you have to vote to make Karnataka the No. 1 state in the country. On 10th May you have to vote for the return of double engine government in Karnataka.

While addressing an election rally in Karnataka's Vijaypur, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the Congress which did not understand the teachings of Lord Basavanna, which always opposed Babasaheb Ambedkar, that Congress can never do good to Dalits and Backwards. 

Congress started schemes in the name of removing poverty, but middlemen got the benefit

The PM said, "The Congress started many schemes in the name of poverty alleviation, but the middlemen and the corrupt got the benefit. The right to the real beneficiary did not even reach. 15 paisa reaches but 85 percent falls prey to corruption.

The mothers, sisters and daughters of Karnataka have suffered the most due to the negligence and neglect of the Congress government. The Congress never cared about women's safety, health and their employment." The PM said, "I am sure that the people of Karnataka are going to elect a vibrant BJP team and not the tired and defeated Congress."

"A Congress leader is asking for votes in the name of his retirement." Taking a dig at Congress leader Siddaramaiah, he said, "A Congress leader is seeking votes in the name of his retirement. This is his biggest election issue. 'This is my last election. Give me a chance." PM said what a pathetic condition they have reached!