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Nitish Kumar accepts Mamta Banerjee's request, opposition will show strength in Patna after Karnataka elections

Pankaj Prasad
Nitish Kumar
Nitish Kumar

CM Nitish said that if everyone wants, then there will definitely be a meeting in Bihar.

The meeting regarding opposition unity in Bihar is going to be held soon. CM Nitish Kumar has accepted the request of CM Mamta Banerjee. Nitish Kumar gave such indications during a conversation with the media on Saturday. Perhaps only after the Karnataka elections, the strength of the opposition could be seen in Patna. On the matter of holding a meeting in Patna regarding opposition unity, the Chief Minister said that we are holding talks with all the leaders together. Still have to talk to some more people. After that it will be decided where the meeting will be held. Many people are of the opinion that the meeting should be held in Patna. All this will be decided by the opinion of all the people.

CM Nitish said that if everyone wants, then there will definitely be a meeting in Bihar. Right now the election process is going on in one state. Many parties are engaged in that election, all this will happen after the election. It will be a matter of happiness if there is a meeting with all the parties in Bihar. Whatever will happen will happen according to the opinion of all the people. On the question of his meeting with RJD National President Lalu Prasad Yadav, the Chief Minister said that his health was bad. We had met him in Delhi also. Now that he has come here, we have met him.

Know what Mamata Banerjee had requested from Kolkata to Nitish Kumar

In fact, on April 24, when CM Nitish Kumar went to Kolkata regarding opposition unity, Mamta Banerjee requested him. Mamta Banerjee said that we have requested Nitish ji that the way the JP movement started from Bihar. If we hold a meeting of all the parties together in Bihar. where to go What is the plan? Do we have to make a manifesto? Will decide all this later. But first a message has to be given that we are all in this together. I have no objection in this.

Complete preparations have to be made before the next Lok Sabha elections

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar had said that the main focus of our discussion on opposition unity is that we have to make complete preparations before the next Lok Sabha elections by collaborating with all the parties as much as possible. Nitish Kumar said that everyone should sit and talk among themselves and decide everything ahead. Whatever you want to do next in the interest of the country, think about it.