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US: Four and a half years in jail for the person involved in the riots on the US Capitol, attacked the police

Pankaj Prasad
US Capitol riots judgement
US Capitol riots judgement

A Southern California man has been sentenced to four-and-a-half years in prison for pepper-spraying police during riots at the US Capitol.

A Southern California man has been sentenced to four-and-a-half years in prison for pepper-spraying police during riots at the US Capitol. Jeffrey Scott Brown, 56, of Santa Ana has been sentenced to 54 months in federal prison for felony and misdemeanor charges during the attack on the US Capitol by supporters of former President Donald Trump, according to the US Justice Department.

Firing in Texas, five including eight-year-old child killed

Cleveland. A gunman fired indiscriminately at neighbors in Cleveland, Texas, on Saturday. Five people, including an eight-year-old child, died in this. The accused has been identified as Francisco Oropeza (38). The accused was firing in his yard. At the same time the neighbors asked them to stop firing to put their child to sleep. After hearing what he said, he entered the house and opened fire.

Plane crashes in Los Angeles, one dead

Los Angeles. The plane crashed in an area of Los Angeles on Saturday night due to fog. The body of a person has been found in the debris. The Los Angeles Fire Department issued an alert at 11:20 p.m. saying a body had been found near where the plane crashed.

Seychelles caught huge quantity of drugs on India's input

Seychelles Navy launched a major maritime operation based on Indian real time inputs and intercepted a boat carrying huge quantity of drugs. Indian intelligence sources said that over 50 large bags of the drug were seized in a ship intercepted at sea near Seychelles. The ship and seven of its crew were taken by the Seychelles Coast Guard to their base on Ile du Port. According to Indian intelligence sources, Seychelles President Wavell Ramkalawan, other senior members of the Seychelles Defense Force (SDF) and Seychelles Police were all present during the search operation of the boat.

Indian-origin man convicted of killing 3 for ringing house bell

Indian-origin Anurag Chandra has been convicted of murdering three teenagers for ringing their house as a joke. According to media reports, on January 19, 2020, some mischievous boys rang the bell of Anurag's house. On this he hit them with the car. In the court, Anurag Chandra admitted that he was very drunk on the day of the incident and had consumed 12 beers. However, his aim was not to kill them, but to teach them a lesson. He was driving at a speed of 159 kmph before the collision. At the same time, he said, he was extremely concerned about the safety of his family. His heart was full of anger for those who rang the bell of the house.

Defense Minister Rajnath to hand over patrol vessel and landing craft to Maldives

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh will be on a visit to Maldives from May 1 to May 3. During this, he will hand over a patrol vessel and a landing craft as a gift from India to the island nation. The Defense Ministry said on Sunday, Rajnath's visit to Maldives will prove to be a milestone towards further strengthening the friendship between the two countries.