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Anil Dujana: Shocking truth came out after Anil Dujana's encounter, a new twist in the story

Pankaj Prasad
Anil Dujana
Anil Dujana

Anil Dujana's criminal record also tells the story of his political patronage.

After the encounter of Anil Dujana, the STF and the police, which are investigating the horoscope of the gang, have received many shocking information. After the first murder in Ghaziabad in the year 2002, some leaders are being told the hand of Anil Dujana, who became known as a sharp shooter, becoming a big gangster of West UP.

Many names have been found giving political protection to STF and police. The intelligence department is also gathering information about it. It is feared that by sending the names of these leaders to the government, they can also be tightened.

Anil Dujana had committed the first murder of Harveer in Ghaziabad in the year 2002. After this Raju of Roja Jalalpur village was killed in Bisrakh Kotwali area. After this Anil Dujana came into the limelight. In the same year, Anil Dujana along with Ghaziabad's gangster Amit Kasana joined hands with the Rithori gang.

Amit Kasana is the nephew of Randeep Bhati, who is currently commanding the Rithori gang. It was Amit Kasana who introduced Dujana to Randeep's brother Ranpal. During that time a gang war was going on with Sundar Bhati gang of Rithori gang.

Governments changed but the fear did not decrease

Anil Dujana's criminal record also tells the story of his political patronage. The most active years in the Dujana region were 2011 and 2012. There is also apprehension that those who gave political protection to Anil are connected to both the parties or have changed parties after the change of government. The year 2011 was the last year of BSP tenure during that period.

SP rule started in 2012. The Dujana gang killed Vijay, a resident of Mudhi Bakapur police station Badalpur on 12 May 2011, Anand alias Nandu of Badalpur on 24 August 2011, Pradhan Jaichand on 22 September 2011 in the rivalry of the business of rebar and scrap-bar. On 18 November 2011, Sundar Bhati was attacked with automatic weapons at a wedding ceremony in Sahibabad.
Shokeen, Naveen and Jabar Singh of the Sundar Bhati gang were killed in the attack. But Sundar Bhati escaped. And on January 6, 2012, Sonu alias Harish of Kheda Dharmapura was murdered in Muzaffarnagar. The murder was done at the behest of Amit Sharma of Anil Dujana gang of Kheda Dharmapura. On January 8, 2012, this gang killed Sanjeev Tyagi of Chapar, Muzaffarnagar and Ashok of Dadri on June 29, 2012.

Anil Dujana's brother-in-law and close friend returned, simple silence

After the encounter of Anil Dujana, his brother-in-law and his close friend returned on Saturday. However, no concrete information was given regarding his disappearance. It has only been told that both were in Meerut and have returned from there. It is being told that both did not have mobiles. Both along with Anil Dujana had left for Karkardooma Court in Delhi.

After this the news of Anil Dujana being killed in an encounter in Meerut was received and both went missing. The fact that Dujana was going to the Delhi court was kept a secret. Despite this, it is feared that only someone close to Anil has informed him. Suspicion is being expressed on those people associated with Anil's gang, with whom he was having a tussle over money.

On the other hand, due to the STF investigation, Anil Dujana's close friends have also started claiming themselves to have no connection with him. Those who have information about the gang's benami property, have also started claiming that they never had any relation with Anil to avoid the heat of investigation.