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The Kerala Story: BJP criticizes Mamata government for banning the film, says it is an attack on freedom of expression

Pankaj Prasad
The Kerala Story
The Kerala Story

The BJP said that there was no threat to law and order in Bengal because of the film.

The BJP in West Bengal on Monday criticized West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and her government after the film 'The Kerala Story' was banned. The party said the decision raises serious questions on civil liberties and freedom of expression. BJP's IT cell chief Amit Malviya said the decision is unfortunate, as the film shows the real pain of the victims who have endured the horrors of demographic onslaught. It is shown in the film how the terrorist organization IS used innocent people by tricking them. This threat was mentioned by not one, but two former Chief Ministers of Kerala, VS Achuthanandan (a communist leader) and Oommen Chandy of the Congress.

Questions raised on Mamta government

He asked who is Mamta Banerjee trying to please with this ban? Does he think that the Muslims of Bengal are more attached to the IS than the Indian Constitution? Shame on this contradictory politics of his.

Prime Minister Modi spoke in favor of the film

He said that there was no threat to law and order in Bengal because of the film. The film was being screened in more than a dozen cinema halls in Kolkata alone. This decision has been taken only to please a select group of people. Let us inform that many BJP leaders including Prime Minister Narendra Modi have spoken in favor of the film. At the same time, BJP President Sukanta Majumdar said that Mamta Banerjee is engaged in making West Bengal an ISIS state and an Islamic state. That's why they are doing such work. We are fighting a battle against it.

'The Kerala Story' a distorted film: Mamta

Earlier, a senior official said that Mamata Banerjee has ordered an immediate ban on the screening of the controversial film 'The Kerala Story' on Monday. The reason for this has been told to avoid any incident of hatred and violence. The official said that action will be taken against any theater showing the film. Earlier in the day, CM Banerjee called 'The Kerala Story' a distorted film aimed at defaming the southern state.