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War' broke out in Pakistan on Asia Cup, questions raised on Najam Sethi's mental condition,

Khushbu Kumari Jha
War broke out in Pakistan on Asia Cup questions raised on Najam Sethi mental condition
War broke out in Pakistan on Asia Cup questions raised on Najam Sethi mental condition

The former chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Rameez, who was the first to threaten India on Asia Cup 2023.

The fire raging over the venue of the Asia Cup 2023 is not cooling down. On this issue, Rameez Raja, who has given India goosebumps many times, has once again jumped into the 'war'. However, his target is now the PCB chairman. Rameez says that we should find out whether Najam Sethi's mental condition is fine or not. In fact, Sethi had recently said that England could also be a place as a neutral venue for the Asia Cup.

Rameez Raja said I was shocked to hear the PCB chairman saying that it would be great to play the Asia Cup in England. We should know what is the mental condition of Najam Sethi. Rameez said that the main objective of the Asia Cup, especially when it is held before the World Cup, is to give teams a chance to adapt themselves to the conditions in the subcontinent. The former PCB chief said on his YouTube channel that another statement that angered him was Mr. Chairman's statement to the press that he wanted to organize the 9th season of the Pakistan Super League in the United Arab Emirates because of the tax in Pakistan. have issues.

Rameez Raja said, on one hand, you are saying that Pakistan is safe for cricket regarding Asia Cup, but on the other hand, you say that PSL should not be held in Pakistan. What does it mean? Rameez further said it took us many years to bring PSL back to Pakistan and show the world that Pakistan is finally ready to host international cricket, but you want to end it. This is very disappointing.

Rameez had started

the Asia Cup 2023 was hosted by Pakistan. However, during the T20 World Cup 2022, BCCI Secretary Jai Shah refused to send Team India to Pakistan. He cited the current situation and security of Pakistan as the reason for this. Furious with this announcement of India, the then PCB chief Rameez Raja threatened not to come to India for the ODI World Cup 2023.

Najam Sethi, who became the PCB chairman after Rameez, also insisted on not getting the Asia Cup held at a neutral venue. Despite the threats, Najam Sethi left Shigufa with the hybrid model, but his bet also failed. According to the news so far, the Asian Cricket Council has decided not to hold the Asia Cup 2023 in Pakistan. The tournament can be shifted to Sri Lanka. However, the final decision is yet to be taken.