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Rajamouli is going to make a big bang, will make the biggest film so far, 'Adipurush' will not last anywhere

Khushbu Kumari Jha
Rajamouli is going to make a big bang will make the biggest film so far Adipurush will not last anywhere
Rajamouli is going to make a big bang will make the biggest film so far Adipurush will not last anywhere

SS Rajamouli's Dream Project 'Mahabharat': There are 2 topics in Indian history that people would always like to know about...

You must remember the skyscraper waterfall of 'Bahubali'. Along with that, that huge set of Mahishmati's war will also be remembered. Hardly any Indian can forget the song 'Naatu Naatu' from 'RRR', which won Bollywood and the country the honor of an Oscar. The fans of hit filmmaker SS Rajamouli, who made both these blockbuster films, are now eagerly waiting again. To compete with SS Rajamouli's film 'Adipurush', that film is going to be made, about which people are aware. But when Rajamouli will make the film, it will be in his style.

There are 2 topics in Indian history, about which people would always like to know. The first is Ramayana, the story of Ram, who learns to live in dignity and the second is Mahabharata, the story of Shri Krishna, who teaches the lesson of dignity to the person in front of him. There have been many attempts to make a film on Ramayana. The story of 'Adipurush', which will be released soon, also tells the story of Ram, but do you know that SS Rajamouli is also going to bring such a methodological film, whose budget is being discussed more than the story?

The budget will be 10 times that of 'Adipurush'

SS Rajamouli is now going to make a film on such a mythological story, which is considered to be the biggest war in the country. Not only this, it is being said that the budget of this film will be almost 10 times more than the 650 crores of the soon-to-be-released film 'Adipurush'. That is, the audience waiting for Rajamouli's films is going to get a unique gift.

After 'Bahubali'-'RRR', 'Mahabharat'

the theme of 'Mahabharat' is going to get a new life on the screen. World-renowned director Rajamouli recently gave an interview, in which he talked about his biggest dream. Rajamouli is kept in the category of the biggest filmmakers not only in South Industry but also in the world. The reason for this is his vision. Be it 'Bahubali' or 'RRR', he served some such scenes in front of the audience, which can probably be imagined only in dreams and the name for making these dreams come true is Rajamouli.

How will Rajamouli's 'Mahabharata'

Rajamouli is thinking of making a film on India's biggest mythological story 'Mahabharata'. Recently, Rajamouli talked about this during an event. He told that if he makes a film on 'Mahabharata', how will he make it? Talking to his sister's husband Dr. AV Guruva Reddy, Rajamouli said that if he ever decided to make a film on 'Mahabharata', he would like to film it completely in 10 different parts.

Talking about 'Mahabharata', the 'RRR' director further said that if he starts making this film, it will take him about 1 year. He said that there are many different versions of 'Mahabharata', in such a situation, before making a film, everyone has to read and gather information about everyone. Rajamouli further said that this is the only idea in my mind to make a Mahabharata film.

rajamouli dreams of making a film on an epic

During an old interview, Rajamouli had said that making a film on any epic is a dream for him. He said that sometimes I feel as if I am learning from all the films I am making. All that is for 'Mahabharata' only. He said that it is very important to learn small things to do something big and films like 'Bahubali' are these small steps for me, which I am learning for 'Mahabharata'.

The story will not be different from the old story but…

In a conversation with Ramcharan, Rajamouli had said that if he made 'Mahabharat', his characters would be completely different. His characters and sets will be such that no one would have seen or imagined them before. He will make the story in such a way that it will neither be different from the old story nor there will be any changes in it, but how to show the emotions of 'Mahabharata'. He knows very well.