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G-7 summit: China should not make economic matters a weapon, Russia should stop illegal occupation

Pankaj Prasad
G 7 targeted Russia China
G 7 targeted Russia China

The leaders of the world's most powerful group of seven countries G-7 targeted Russia-China in a joint statement during the summit being held in Japan.

The leaders of the world's most powerful group of seven countries G-7 targeted Russia-China in a joint statement during the summit being held in Japan. He said, there is an economic crisis in the world and in such a situation, if any country uses economic matters as a weapon, then it will have to face serious consequences. Meanwhile, condemning the Russian attacks on Ukraine, the G-7 countries showed solidarity against its illegal, unjustified and unprovoked war. Also held China responsible for aggression in the Indo-Pacific region and Taiwan.

In a joint statement issued during the G-7 summit starting Saturday in Hiroshima, Japan, the Group of Seven members reaffirmed their commitment against Russia, saying all G-7 countries are united against Ukraine. The joint statement condemned the Russian aggression and illegal occupation. The group of the world's richest and democracies said in a joint statement that the G-7 is taking all concrete steps to support Ukraine.

During this, the members resolved to strengthen disarmament and non-proliferation efforts. The G-7 statement said that we will work with our international partners to build a world that is inclusive and resilient while being human-centred. No one should be left behind in this, everyone should be equal.

World leaders warn China, North Korea against nuclear weapons

Leaders of the world's most powerful democracies have warned China and North Korea against developing nuclear weapons. The leaders also called for punishing Russia for its attack on Ukraine and tightening sanctions against it. On the other hand, concern was expressed over China increasing its nuclear weapons program in Asia. There is also concern that taking Taiwan by force could spark a major conflict.

Biden spoke to the leaders of the Indo-Pacific - keep regional solidarity

While Washington grapples with the debt ceiling deadlock these days, President Joe Biden called for solidarity on regional cooperation against China at the Seven Nations summit on Saturday. America is in economic crisis while he explored the possibilities of postponing the result which would prove to be a boon for China. America has run out of cash to pay the bills.

Call for global technical standards for AI... G-7 leaders call for adoption of international technical standards for AI. The leaders mentioned Generative AI, a subset popularized by ChatGPT.

Biden survived falling down the stairs

Speculation started again about Biden's health at the conference. In fact, when he was coming down the stairs in Hiroshima, he survived falling. After this, a video of him during a photo session with Japanese leader Fumio Kishida has also gone viral.

Robot deployed in security said hello

Robots were also deployed for security at the International Media Center during the summit meeting. A robot named Koki Yadagira greeted Indians with Namaste. Also, invited Indians to Japan.

Determined to 'stop' China: Russia

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the decisions taken in the G-7 group are aimed at 'dual control' of Russia and China. At the same time, China's Foreign Ministry said that the G-7, disregarding China's concerns, attacked us and interfered in our internal affairs including Taiwan.