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First order after ordinance: Rajshekhar, Special Secretary, Vigilance Department reinstated in Delhi, know the matter

Pankaj Prasad
Arvind Kejriwal and LG VK Saxsena
Arvind Kejriwal and LG VK Saxsena

Rajasekhar, Special Secretary, Vigilance Department, has been reinstated in Delhi. On Monday he worked normally.

YVVJ Rajasekhar, Special Secretary (Vigilance), Delhi Government's Vigilance Department, has been reinstated on Monday. An order issued by the Secretary (Vigilance) said that Rajasekhar will resume work normally. Along with this, all the assistant directors have also been ordered to continue their responsibilities from May 10 onwards. On the other hand, in the first order after removing the seal of two rooms of the office, Rajasekhar has ordered that a list of all the files should be prepared and its details handed over to him.

Saurabh Bhardwaj had taken action, Rajasekhar had written a letter to the Lieutenant Governor

In fact, after the order of the Supreme Court, Rajasekhar was stripped of all his work on the orders of Vigilance Minister Saurabh Bhardwaj. Room number 403 (Special Secretary, Vigilance) and 404 (Confidential Section of Special Secretary, Vigilance) were also sealed on the orders of the Minister. On the other hand, Rajasekhar had made several allegations against the minister by writing a letter to the Lieutenant Governor.

Rajasekhar was seen in action as soon as he returned to work

Now after the ordinance from the central government, Rajasekhar has once again been given the old responsibility. Rajasekhar has issued an order to prepare a list of files kept in the office of Special Secretary Vigilance and his confidential section after taking charge. According to officials, CCTV footage from Rajasekhar's office and secret section in the Delhi Secretariat and the surrounding area is being probed for clues.

According to a senior official, soon after the incident the officer concerned wrote a letter to his superiors explaining the alleged incident. The officer said that the concerned officer was requested to preserve the CCTV footage of the alleged date of incident for the purpose of investigation. This is a sensitive matter and its investigation is underway. The complaint claimed that the undersigned (Rajasekhar) seriously objected to such call to take away the records at midnight as per the said instructions of the Minister (Vigilance) and strongly objected not to indulge in such act . In his complaint, Rajasekhar alleged that preliminary investigation revealed that an employee broke open his room and allegedly photocopied all the records on the night of May 15 and till 3 am on May 16.