Big conspiracy to terrorize Manipur failed, Army caught car full of grenade-shotgun, many weapons recovered

Pankaj Prasad
Conspiracy to terrorize Manipur
Conspiracy to terrorize Manipur

On Tuesday night, the Indian Army intercepted a car in which a huge amount of weapons were being carried.

For the last one month, a big conspiracy to re-ignite Manipur, which has been burning in the fire of violence, has failed. On Tuesday night, the Indian Army intercepted a car in which a huge amount of weapons were being carried. The army handed over the occupants of the car and the car full of weapons to the police and saved Manipur from a major incident.

It has been told that the intelligence had given intelligence on Tuesday night that a Maruti Alto full of weapons would pass through the mobile vehicle check post of Kangchuk Chingkhong Junction. Based on this input, the Indian Army personnel intercepted the car and recovered the weapons. The troopers found five shotguns, five locally made grenades and cartons of cartridges for the shotguns in the car. After this, the army handed over the three people in the car to the police.

Violence started in Manipur this month itself

Significantly, after about 20 days of peace in Manipur, violent incidents once again took place on Monday. However, a tense calm prevailed in the state on Tuesday after the army stepped up vigil. There was caste violence in the state on May 3 over the demand for reservation. About 70 people were killed in this violence and a large number of houses were set on fire. After this, there was peace in the state for the past several days and it seemed that the situation was slowly coming under control, but on Monday again violence broke out in some places in the state.

Markets remain closed and security forces are patrolling

Most of the markets in Imphal East district remained closed on Tuesday following Monday's violence. Security forces are patrolling the streets and people are being instructed to stay in their homes. Let us tell you that violence broke out in this area on Monday, when a mob of people set two houses on fire. According to media reports, four armed men, including a former MLA, tried to forcibly shut down a market in Imphal East, which enraged the people and triggered violence.