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UPSC Result: Two Ayesha of MP got 184th rank in UPSC, both have same roll number, both claim - I got selected

Pankaj Prasad
UPSC Civil Services 2022 Result
UPSC Civil Services 2022 Result

A surprising case has come to the fore regarding the UPSC result in Madhya Pradesh.

Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) has released the result of Civil Services 2022 exam on Tuesday. A surprising case has come to the fore regarding the UPSC result in Madhya Pradesh. It is being claimed that two girls appeared for the exam, interviewed on the same roll number and now both have got 184th rank. Whose claim is correct, it will be known only after investigation. But both are celebrating at home.

Please tell that after the results came on Tuesday, a girl named Ayesha got 184th rank. After this celebration started in two families. One family belongs to Dewas, in which Ayesha Fatima's father Naziruddin got 184th rank. The second family is of Ayesha Makrani father Salimuddin of Alirajpur district, who has also got 184th rank. Due to the roll number of both of them being the same, a mistake has been made. Only one roll number 7811744 is mentioned in the admit card. Issuance of the same roll number to both is a big question, from here there is a possibility of falsification in one case. However, both of them claim that they have given the exam, the proof of giving interview is also being claimed by both.

Ayesha Makrani's brother Shahbazuddin Makrani (civil engineer) of Alirajpur claims that his sister had worked hard. Mother's dream was that sister should become IAS. He has got 184th rank. We will also go to court regarding this. On the other hand, Naziruddin, father of Ayesha Fatima of Dewas, also claims that only his daughter has been selected. UPSC cannot make such a mistake. I will consider night as day, but cannot accept it to be like this. I think there is something wrong with the second Ayesha. Although the matter will be clear after the investigation, but both the families are still immersed in the celebration. Experts say that it is impossible to issue only one roll number in an exam like UPSC. It is possible that a roll number may turn out to be fake.

questions arising

After the matter came to light, when we investigated at our level. Took the admit card for both. Some mistakes were noticed in one of the admit cards.

Firstly, in the admit card of Ayesha Makrani, the date of personality test was written as April 25 and the day was mentioned as Thursday. Whereas on the card of Ayesha Fatima, the date of personality test was 25th April but the day was Tuesday. In reality it was a Tuesday on 25th April. However, Ayesha Makrani's brother asked to send other documents in this regard. He showed the mail received from UPSC. In which it was written that your name has been changed due to having a similar name. Due to similarity in the names of three candidates, the names of two candidates have been changed. Full name has not changed Your name has been changed to Ayesha Fatima (Ayesha Makrani).

The second is also that there is a water mark of UPSC on the admit card of Ayesha of Dewas. While the admit card of Alirajpur's Ayesha looks like a print out on plain paper.

The third reason showed that there is a QR code in the admit card of Ayesha of Dewas, which on scanning shows the same information as written in the admit card. While there is no QR code in the admit card of Ayesha of Alirajpur.