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Retired people will be recruited in the center, then when will the youth get jobs

Pankaj Prasad
Retired people recruited in Centeral Govt Jobs
Retired people recruited in Centeral Govt Jobs

A central government official says that the consultants being recruited in central departments do not come through open competition.

Retired people are getting plenty of 'consultant' jobs in various ministries and departments of the central government. In many places, it is also seen that the appointment letter for a new job ie 'Consultant' is received only after two-three years of retirement. The maximum age limit for this job has been kept at 62-65 years. It benefits only two people. One is the government, whose expenditure is saved, and the other is the retired person, who gets a job again while taking pension. National General Secretary of Hind Mazdoor Sabha Com Harbhajan Singh Sidhu says, the government is running away from its responsibility. Signs MoU with the employees like labor. By not doing regular recruitment, she is saving her expenses. The youth who are waiting for jobs, their future is being ruined even before it starts. Anupam, convenor of 'Yuva Halla Bol', who has recently formed 'United Youth Front', says, the government is avoiding giving pension and other benefits. Instead of giving regular jobs, she is recruiting advisors and consultants. This step of the government is going to attack the youth.

There is a glut of posts of Consultant in the Central Government

The Central Government is appointing Consultants in almost all Ministries/Departments including Ministry of Home, Defence, Finance, Agriculture, Water, Transport, Minority Affairs and Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT). This week, the job of Consultant has come out for 18 posts in the Ministry of AYUSH. The posts of Domain Expert, Legal Consultant and IT Consultant are to be filled. These appointments are for one year. The age limit for the applicants has been kept at 64 years. Essential condition, they should be retired from any Ministry/Department of Central Government. Section officers, under secretaries, deputy secretaries and those who have retired from any other post of similar rank can apply for this. Retired person from State Government or Autonomous Body of Government of India can also apply. The job of a consultant has also come out in the Secretariat Training and Management Institute. Those who are going to retire in May can also fill the form. The age limit has been kept at 62. The post of Senior Finance Consultant has also been advertised in PIB. In Central Water Commission, 15 posts will be filled at SO/ASO level and 25 posts will be filled at PS/PA level. For these, the applicant should have retired from the post of PS or Section Officer. The age limit for the job is 65 years. Consultant jobs have also come out in many other ministries and departments including Ministry of Power, NCSK, Staff Selection Commission, Bureau of Civil Aviation and Ministry of Commerce.

The government is running away from its responsibility

National General Secretary of Hind Mazdoor Sabha, Com Harbhajan Singh Siddu said, there is a flaw in the intention of the government. Deliberately not doing regular recruitment. For many years there is a retreat from regular recruitment. The loyalty of such people is not to the organization but to the person who has hired them as a consultant. Lakhs of posts are lying vacant in the central government. They are not being filled. The government should make permanent appointments according to the workload. The government is running scissors on regular jobs by making an excuse to increase the budget. Anupam, convenor of 'Yuva Halla Bol', said, the job of consultant is a recent example of reduction in regular jobs. The government has failed to recruit on time. After this, it is said that the budget is less. The outstanding Rs 11 lakh crore is left on the corporate sector. There is no benefit to the common man in this. The government could have used this money to provide jobs to the youth. Now the government is avoiding giving pension and other benefits under the guise of a consultant. Government employees start doing the work of flattery and allurement to be engaged as advisors or consultants. He has to keep the boss happy even before he is hired as a consultant and then he has to be kept. About one crore sanctioned posts are lying vacant in the central and state governments together. The government does not pay any attention to this.

This is a very bad process by the government

All India Defense Employees Federation (AIDEF) general secretary C. Sreekumar termed the appointment of consultant as a very poor process. In this, the consultant is given such a salary, which does not exceed fifty percent of the last salary released to the government employee. Those who take re-appointment after retirement do not have any attitude towards the department. Efforts start well in advance to get a post retirement job. If the boss is happy then the job is done for three to four years. A Central Government official says that when consultants are appointed in a department, the vacancy is not reported there. If they do so, they will be asked why the consultant has been hired. At that time the post of consultant will be considered vacant. This information is known to everyone as to which person in which department, when will he retire. The recruitment process should start before that, so that after the retirement of the concerned person, that post can be filled again permanently. However, this does not happen in practice. For technical posts, the recruitment of consultants is understandable. That too when there is no alternative to his specialization. That post could not be created. In such a situation, the GFR rules allow consultant recruitment.

lack of open competition

The consultants who are being recruited in central departments do not come from open competition. In most departments, the same people are re-appointed, who have retired from there. These posts should be filled through regular recruitment. Why is the government not bringing regular posts, says an under secretary level officer in the central government. The government saves its budget by hiring a consultant, but its loss is at many levels. If he remains a consultant for three to four years, when will the new employee get the experience of that post? The government will bring hundreds of vacancies at once. Due to this, there will be a crisis of promotion for those who are already working. In such a situation, it is better that the vacant post should be filled immediately through regular recruitment. For this, the necessary approval from the Finance Ministry etc. should be taken in advance. Vacancies are lying in many departments, but promotions are not given there. At least give adhoc promotion. If on an average there are 100 vacant posts in a department, then 20 percent of the posts are filled by consultants. This is a wrong process. There should be such a system that if one worker retires, within a few days another worker takes over that post after training.

This cost is saved by appointing a consultant

Retired people of the age of 65 are getting jobs in the central government. Due to this the government is saving its expenditure. There is no need for written test, physical test or medical. One and a half leave is given in a month. Dearness allowance etc. are not given. You don't even have to wait long for a job. Appointment letters are received within a week to thirty days. Retired officers and personnel from various ministries and departments get jobs on contract basis. The vacancies range from Director, Consultant and Personal Assistant to various other technical and non-technical posts. Service extension depends on performance. TA-DA will be granted only for office work. No work, no pay rule applies. The person appointed on contract does not get the benefits of dearness allowance, HRA, PF, pension, insurance, medical attendance treatment and seniority etc. The working hours will be from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM. You will not get money for extra work. Confidentiality has to be maintained during the job. Despite all this, that person can be removed from the job anytime by the authorized authority by giving a notice of fifteen to twenty days.