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Bad news came again from Kuno National Park, two more cheetah cubs died

Rachna Kumari
Bad news came again from Kuno National Park two more cheetah cubs died
Bad news came again from Kuno National Park two more cheetah cubs died

The ongoing efforts to increase the population of cheetahs in India got a major setback on Thursday.

On the occasion of his birthday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi released the first batch of cheetahs brought from Namibia, South Africa, in Kuno National Park. After that, the other party was released in the presence of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan. The total number of cheetahs here was 20, while the mother cheetah named Jwala gave birth to four cubs and the number increased to 24. But once again bad news has come from Kuno National Park. Let us tell you that two more cubs have died in Kuno National Park and so far a total of six cheetahs have died.

a cub in critical condition

On the one hand, there was the hope of increasing the population of cheetahs. On the other hand, the process of death also started. Information provided by the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests states that Jwala's cub had died on the morning of 23 May, after which the three surviving cubs and Jwala were being continuously monitored by doctors and the surveillance team at Palpur. The temperature was around 46 to 40 degrees. In such a situation, seeing the unusual condition and heat of the three cubs, the team immediately decided to rescue them and give them treatment. Two of these cubs died on Thursday, one cub is in critical condition and is undergoing treatment at Palpur Kuno Hospital.

underweight and dehydration

It has been told that these cubs started roaming with their mother 8-10 days ago. The condition of one of Jwala's surviving cubs is still critical, his treatment is going on. Cheetah experts and doctors from Namibia, South Africa are constantly being consulted. At the same time, this cub is in intensive treatment and his condition remains stable. According to the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests of the Forest Department, the condition of all the cubs was found to be weak and highly dehydrated with less than normal weight. The mother of the cubs is Jwala Hand Reared Cheetah who has become a mother for the first time. Cheetah cubs are about 8 weeks old.