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69 year old man stopped robbery in bank, did something like this

Khushbu Kumari Jha
69 year old man stopped robbery in bank did something like this
69 year old man stopped robbery in bank did something like this

I was very surprised to hear the story of the bravery of this old man. The bank officials could not understand how this old man stopped the person who was robbing.

You must have heard many exploits of bank robbery. Many times the robbery takes place at gunpoint among the customers present in the bank and no one can do anything. But such a case of bank robbery has come to light from California, America, where the robbery could not happen and a 69-year-old man stopped the thief who had come to commit the robbery in such a way that you cannot even imagine.

Actually, this incident is from California, America. According to American media reports, 69-year-old Michael Armas is a customer and he had reached the bank for some work. They saw a masked suspect threatening a bank employee at the cash counter. The suspect was saying that he had explosives in his bag. If he is not given money, he will blast. Hearing this only, these elders realize that this person has come to rob the bank.

After this, he immediately reaches him and shakes hands with him. He wonders where this person came from. In the conversation, it is told that he has been his neighbor. He again got confused that he did not see the person anywhere and he is calling himself a neighbor.

After this, this old man hugged him after shaking hands and said that you have met after so many days and you are not even recognizing him. The old man also said that the old man, on the contrary, said that he needed some money and he had come to withdraw the money. Can he help her? This conversation was going on for a long time, till then the bank personnel got alerted and with the help of the police they caught the robber.

All this was not that easy but the 69-year-old man made it easy. When he was asked why he took such a big risk. So he said that everything can be done with love and kindness. He had immediately guessed that this person was going to do something wrong. At present, he has been arrested. It was told that the old man was going to meet him in jail.