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Sakshi Murder Case Delhi was shaken by the brutality of Sahil! Now confessed the crime

Maharanee Kumari
Sakshi Murder Case Delhi was shaken by the brutality of Sahil Now confessed the crime
Sakshi Murder Case Delhi was shaken by the brutality of Sahil Now confessed the crime

After Shraddha murder case, another crime has come to light in Delhi. A sarfire man named Sahil Khan brutally killed a 16-year-old minor girl Sakshi.

Delhi was about to come out of fear of the Shraddha murder case when another horrific murder case came to light. Seeing the brutality with which a 16-year-old minor girl was killed in Delhi's Shahbad Dairy area, everyone's soul will tremble. The name of the minor girl is being told as Sakshi and the 20-year-old accused who carried out the murder has been identified as Sahil. Now the accused person has made a big disclosure in front of the police.

Sahil confessed to the crime

Sakshi murder accused Sahil has taken responsibility for this murder. Delhi Police held a press conference to put the aspects related to the murder case in front of the public, in which the police told that Sahil has confessed his crime. DCP of Outer North Delhi Ravi Kumar said that he will try to prepare the strongest charge sheet so that the culprits cannot escape. The full emphasis of the police is on scientific investigation. In the witness murder case, the police will also try to find out the angle of love jihad and the investigation will be carried forward rapidly keeping in mind every aspect.

knew each other for 3 years

The brutality with which the accused Sahil was attacking the witness. All this was recorded in the CCTV camera installed nearby. During interrogation, the accused Sahil confessed his crime and said that he had killed the witness. During interrogation, it has been revealed that Sakshi and Sahil knew each other for about 3 years and both used to follow each other on Insta but Sakshi knew that Sahil's full name is 'Sahil Khan'.

Kejriwal's announcement

Let us tell you that the Kejriwal government of Delhi has announced financial assistance to Sakshi's family. Kejriwal tweeted that the family members of the victim would be given financial assistance of Rs 10 lakh. Apart from this, efforts will be made to get the harshest punishment for the accused person in the court. Significantly, after carrying out this murder, the accused hid at his relative's house in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh. After this, through phone tracking, the police found him and took him into custody.