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Damoh School Poster Row: Hindu girl students forced to wear hijab?

S Choudhury
Damoh School Poster Row Hindu girl students forced to wear hijab
Damoh School Poster Row Hindu girl students forced to wear hijab

This poster of Damoh school has created ruckus. People angry with this poster say that if this poster was really put up by the school.

A case has come to the fore in Damoh, Madhya Pradesh (MP), after which the film 'The Kerala Story' has once again come into the limelight. Actually, the poster of a local school in Damoh is going viral. In which the names and pictures of the children topping the MP board have been printed. The girls whose names have been printed as toppers in this poster. All of them are wearing hijabs. Most of the girls whose names are written in this poster are Hindus. That is, many of the girls who are seen in hijab in the poster are Hindus. Zee News does not verify this viral poster. But if this poster was really put up by the school, then it simply means that the school management first made Hindu girls wear hijab and then their pictures with hijab were deliberately printed on the poster.

Hindu girls targeted at Ganga Jamna Convent School?

An Islamic organization runs this school named Ganga Jamna Convent. And that's why as soon as this poster went viral, the Hindu organizations there started protesting against it. And started demanding action against the school management. However, no complaint has been registered in this matter from the relatives of the girl students. As soon as this poster went viral, an uproar started. Priyanka Kanungo, chairman of the National Child Rights Protection Commission, also took cognizance of the matter and gave instructions for action.

Seeing the matter heating up on social media, the Damoh Collector tweeted and dismissed the whole incident outright. He wrote that the station in charge Kotwali and the district education officer have investigated the information being spread by some people regarding a poster of Ganga Jamuna School, in which the facts have been found wrong. The inquiry committee has given its report.

SP Damoh also replied to this tweet of Damoh Collector and tweeted that no allegation has been proved in this case.

But on these tweets of Collector and SP, people started gheraoing them and started posting videos and pictures of the posters. BJP leaders and people of Hindu organizations accused it of promoting conversion by linking it to The Kerala Story, after which Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra also had to come forward.

the school cleared

In this whole matter, clarification has also been given by the school management and the school management has declared the dress which looks like hijab in the pictures as a scarf. On behalf of the school management, it was said that it is a part of the school's dress code and it is not a hijab but a scarf that the older girls of the school wear to cover their heads.

Schoolchildren do not know the meaning of hijab and scarf.

This means the school management has accepted that this poster is not fake and was put up by their school only. However, now questions arise on his claim as well. Because according to the school management, if it is really a scarf, then what kind of hijab is it and what is the difference between the hijab and the school scarf? Many people say whether this is not an attempt to impose hijab or similar dress on Hindu girl students on the pretext of dress code. The administrator may have given a clean chit to the school in a hurry, but this viral poster has raised many such questions, which the administration has not been able to answer yet.