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USA: Unidentified aircraft seen over Washington DC, F-16 chased it and crashed, four people were on board

Pankaj Prasad
White House
White House

An alert was issued in the US Parliament and White House due to the sudden flying of an unknown aircraft in the sensitive area.

An unidentified aircraft was seen flying over the US capital Washington DC on Sunday. Being a sensitive area, F-16 jets of the US Air Force also took off. The F-16 tried to contact the pilot of the unidentified aircraft but there was no response from the aircraft. Eventually the unidentified plane crashed in the woods of Virginia, near Washington DC. The US Air Force says they did not target the plane.

US Air Force aircraft tried to contact

According to media reports, the F-16 jet took off at supersonic speed, causing the loud sound of the aircraft to be heard in Washington DC and people panicked. The US North American Aerospace Defense Command has issued a statement saying that the F-16 jet also released flames to distract the pilot of the aircraft, but all efforts went in vain. At the same time, due to the sudden flying of an unknown aircraft in a sensitive area, an alert was issued in the US Parliament and White House. President Joe Biden has also been informed about this.

Two women and a child were on board the plane

It is now being told in media reports that the crashed aircraft was a Cessna 560 Citation V aircraft and it crashed in the George Washington National Forest in Virginia at around 3.20 pm on Sunday. There were four people on board the plane at the time of the accident, whose whereabouts are yet to be ascertained. The Virginia State Police is conducting a search operation to find the crashed plane. Due to darkness, there are difficulties in the search operation and now the accident site will be re-launched on Monday itself.

Investigation revealed that the aircraft belonged to Encore Motors of Melbourne, a Florida company. John Rumpel, husband of company president Barbara Rumpel, said her daughter, her granddaughter and her grandmother were on board. These people were returning from East Hampton, New York, to their home in North Carolina. So far nothing has been known about the people on board the plane.