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Life went into completing this online challenge in China; Those who are promoting, only they die, know the matter

Pankaj Prasad
Zhong Yuan Huang died
Zhong Yuan Huang died

In his last stream on the video-sharing platform Douyin on 16 May, Thousand was seen consuming excessive amounts of alcohol.

Nowadays people in the world are seen participating in strange competitions. Many times this bravery becomes costly on their lives. In fact, there is a new trend on Douyin, in which drinking alcohol can be seen in live streaming. To be a part of this, people are taking part without knowing its harm. In such a situation, two people have lost their lives within a month. Last month, after 34-year-old influencer Brother Three Thousand died of an overdose of alcohol, now 27-year-old Zhong Yuan Huang has died.

Baiji drank seven bottles continuously

According to media reports, Thousand was seen consuming excessive amounts of alcohol in his last stream on the video-sharing platform Douyin on May 16. It was said that he drank at least seven bottles of Baiji. It was only after 12 hours that the news came that he had died. Brother Three Thousand's real name was revealed to be Wang. At the same time, it is now being said in another media report that Huang faked his death in order to defeat Wang.

The truth revealed from the video

Actually, there are one lakh 76 thousand followers on Huang's Douyin. He had made a video, in which tissue paper soaked with baiji was shown burning. At the same time, in another clip, a pile of dozens of bottles was shown. The New York Post reported that the liquor Huang consumed was colloquially called Chinese firewater. It will have an alcohol content between 35 percent and 60 percent. In the viral video, it can be seen how Huang is making a pyramid by emptying the liquor bottles one by one.

deep in debt

His wife Ms. Li says that Huang has taken a lot of debt, due to which he will have to work for the rest of his life. Let me tell you, the couple has a son, who is going to go to kindergarten this year. Huang built a new house this year.

Huang went to Wang's funeral

Significantly, Baiji contains up to 60 percent alcohol. Huang and Wang were known to drink Chinese liquor during their broadcasts. Both of them knew each other too. Huang attended Wang's funeral and made a vow to drink less alcohol.

need to tighten the rules

There is a discussion in China regarding the death of these two. Social media is constantly being criticized for the rules related to the livestreaming industry. People have demanded that this rule should be made stricter and stricter.