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Fire broke out in the forests of Canada, fog engulfed America, know why the people of two countries are suffocating

Pankaj Prasad
Canada Fire
Canada Fire

Smoke and haze have enveloped cities across North America as fires raged in eastern Canada.

Canada is engulfed in fierce wildfires these days. The fire is so dangerous that its effect has reached the neighboring country America to the south. Because of this, a deep orange smog enveloped New York City and other areas in the US. In view of the situation, the health authorities have issued a warning to the people. US President Joe Biden spoke on the phone with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

What happened in Canada?

Canada is fighting one of its worst wildfires right now. According to the Canadian National Fire Database, 3.8 million hectares of the country are vulnerable to wildfires. According to reports, there are more than 400 active fires burning across Canada, of which 246 are out of control.

The worst situation is in the province of Quebec, where 154 fires are burning. This is the reason why Quebec has ordered the evacuation of people. The air quality in Ottawa is classified at 10+ category. This is the worst level on Environment Canada's Air Quality Health Index indicating a very high risk.

Mike Norton, director general of the Northern Forestry Center at the Department of Natural Resources, said Canada has seen 2,214 wildfires so far this year. In these, more than 30 lakh hectare area has been burnt.

What is the reason for the fire?

Earlier this month in Canada, some fires started due to lightning. At the same time, its provinces of Alberta, Nova Scotia and Quebec witnessed record-breaking heat this year, which has added fuel to the fire. The Natural Resources Agency of Canada has attributed climate change to an increase in fire activity. In addition, the agency has projected that the area exposed to fire each year could double by the end of the century. In 2022, the United Nations Environment Program found that climate change has already made wildfires worse. The United Nations had also warned of increasing such incidents.

Why fire in Canada but smog in America?

Smoke and haze have enveloped cities across North America as fires raged in eastern Canada. The haze has worsened the situation in New York, turning the sky a deep orange color in many of its areas. New York was the city with the worst air quality in the world on Wednesday. The smoke has reached the US due to storms off the coast of Canada's eastern province of Nova Scotia.

How long will the smoke last in New York?

According to AccuWeather, the New York area could be covered in haze until at least Friday. However, it is not clear whether the air quality will be as bad. The US National Weather Service's weather forecast said the smog's effect over the US would soon weaken as the jet stream weakened. Apart from this, changing weather can also provide relief, even if the Canadian fire continues.

What can be the disadvantages of smog?

According to the US National Weather Service, exposure to air pollutants can be dangerous to health. It can cause headache, burning of eyes, difficulty in breathing, chest pain, tiredness and throat irritation. Symptoms may be aggravated in individuals with health problems such as asthma, lung disease or heart disease. The elderly, children and immunocompromised people may be at higher risk.

What is being done to deal with the situation?

Air quality advisories have been issued for more than 110 million Americans in Boston, New York and Philadelphia, among other states. Authorities urged residents to stay indoors and wear high-quality masks when outside.
New York officials have also advised residents to close windows and use air purifiers to reduce exposure. Along with this, schools located on the outskirts of the city have been closed.

On the other hand, if we talk about Canada, now many countries are coming forward to help it. Hundreds of additional firefighters from France and the US have been dispatched to assist in the country.

In addition, it is in talks with Costa Rica, Portugal and Chile for additional assistance. Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden spoke on the phone with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and assured him of help.