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Sanjeev Jeeva: 20 lakh given to kill Jeeva, connection with Nepal, shooter's sensational disclosure

Pankaj Prasad
Sanjeev Jeeva
Sanjeev Jeeva

Vijay, the shooter who killed the infamous Sanjeev Jeeva, has made a shocking disclosure.

The wires of Vijay Yadav, the shooter who gunned down the infamous Sanjeev Jeeva, are being linked to Nepal. He had gone to Nepal a few days back. Stayed in touch with a big mafia there. He told this to the police. It is said that a person had given him contract to kill by showing Jeeva's photo. The deal was done for Rs 20 lakh. However, only five thousand rupees and revolver were given.

According to information, the shooter Vijay, who gunned down Sanjeev Jeeva, is connecting with Nepal's mafia and Ashraf, a friend of the recently killed Atiq Ahmed. Vijay had gone to Nepal a few days back. There he met Ashraf.

Ashraf told him that his brother Atif was in Lucknow jail. There Jeeva disturbs him. He made a deal for 20 lakhs to get Jeeva out of the way. Before work, Vijay was given five thousand rupees and a revolver. On the other hand, on reaching Lucknow, Ashraf's henchman gave shelter to Vijay and got Reiki done. Vijay has told these things in the interrogation of the police. The police has started its investigation.

Six constables suspended in court shootout

On the other hand, four head constables and two constables were suspended on Thursday night in connection with the murder of gangster Sanjeev Maheshwari alias Jeeva in the court room. Their negligence has been claimed in the initial investigation. They had duty at different gates of the court premises. At the same time, only the head constable and the constable have been held responsible for such a big incident.

By not fixing the responsibility of the big responsible, they have been saved till now. Attacker Vijay Yadav easily reached the court room with the revolver breaking the security system of the court. The court is an important place, so senior officers are also responsible for the security arrangements. But the action was taken only on the soldiers. The question arises whether only these few soldiers were responsible for the security of the court.

Head Constable Sunil Dubey, Mohd. Khalid, Anil Singh, Sunil Srivastava and constables Nidhi Devi and Dharmendra are suspended. Departmental action will also be taken against them.

Jeeva could have been produced through discussion, video conferencing

After the murder of notorious criminal Sanjeev Maheshwari alias Jeeva in the court room, it is common to discuss that if he had been produced through video conferencing, this incident might not have happened. A video conferencing room has been set up next to the old District Judge Court to produce the accused, which is connected to the jail court at the time of hearing.

A judicial officer sits in the video conferencing room built in the court and gives the date after hearing the cases of all the accused appearing from the jail. It may be known that after increasing the number of accused being brought from jail in the court premises and after the incident of many accused running away from custody, the government had made arrangements in the court for hearing through video conferencing.

Actually, those accused lodged in the jail are heard through video conferencing, against whom the police have not filed the charge sheet. There can be no evidence without the filing of the charge sheet. On the other hand, personal appearance of the accused is necessary after the charge sheet is framed. But in the case of some dangerous accused, seeing the threat to life and property, the court orders the hearing through video conferencing.
On October 4, 2013, the then District Judge KK Sharma had ordered on October 4, 2013, that the serial killer brothers Salim, Rustum and Sohrab, lodged in Tihar Jail, should be produced through video conferencing on the complaint of threatening businessmen of Lucknow. Similarly, in many cases, the hearing of the jailed Mukhtar Ansari's case is also done through video conferencing only.

murder of jeeva in court room

Let us tell you that the case of the murder of mafia Atiq Ahmed and Ashraf in police custody had not cooled down that Sanjeev Maheshwari alias Jeeva (50), a notorious criminal very close to Mukhtar Ansari, was murdered in Lucknow's SCST courtroom on Wednesday afternoon. . The assailant, dressed as a lawyer, fired six rounds with a revolver in the court room itself.
During this, two policemen, a one and a half year old girl and her mother were also shot. The assailant fired at Jeeva from behind. After the incident, the lawyers ran and caught the attacker, beat him up and handed him over to the police. The injured have been admitted to trauma.

After the incident, angry lawyers protested and pelted stones. In which ACP Chowk's head exploded. Many vehicles were also damaged. When the officers reached the spot with heavy police force, they could bring the situation under control.