After Atiq-Ashraf, now Umesh Pal's name linked to Jeeva murder case, shooter Vijay's shocking revelations

Pankaj Prasad
Sanjeev Jeeva
Sanjeev Jeeva

The police are confused by the statements of Vijay, accused in the gangster Jeeva murder case.

Ashraf, whose name was told by shooter Vijay Yadav as close to Qubool mafia Atiq, was actually close to Umesh Pal. He was having a feud with Atiq. Earlier these two were close. After this disclosure, Vijay's words have started to be doubted as to why he told Ashraf to be close to Atiq.

Does he not have complete information about this or is this statement also a part of some conspiracy. It is being thoroughly investigated. Before sending him to jail on Thursday, the police interrogated Vijay Yadav, in which he told about going to Nepal. He told that he had met Ashraf in Kathmandu.

He told that his brother is lodged in Lucknow jail, who is being harassed there by Sanjeev alias Jeeva. To get him out of the way, he was given a betel nut of 20 lakhs. Vijay had also said that Ashraf is close to Mafia Atiq.

According to sources, the Ashraf whose name has been taken by Vijay was earlier close to Atiq. Later Umesh became close to Pal. After this thing came to the fore, Vijay's statement has come under suspicion.

The conspiracy is deep, it is not easy to open the layers

The manner in which the incident was carried out. It is clear from him that the conspiracy is very deep. It is not easy to open the layers. Different things are coming to the fore. The police have not yet been able to trace the real conspirator. Like a trained shooter, Vijay shot Sanjeev. It can be inferred from this that he was given better training. The conspirator had a clear instruction that Sanjeev should not escape.

This fact is also being investigated

Sanjeev was brought to the court in the custody of ten policemen. Out of this, three policemen were injured. Investigation is also being done whether the present policemen tried to retaliate and save Sanjeev or not. The SIT is probing this point in depth.

Murder of jeeva in court room

Let us tell you that Sanjeev Maheshwari alias Jeeva (50), a notorious criminal very close to Mukhtar Ansari, was murdered in the SCST courtroom of Lucknow on Wednesday afternoon in police custody. The assailant, dressed as a lawyer, fired six rounds with a revolver in the court room itself.

During this, two policemen, a one and a half year old girl and her mother were also shot. The assailant fired at Jeeva from behind. After the incident, the lawyers ran and caught the attacker, beat him up and handed him over to the police. The injured have been admitted to trauma.
After the incident, angry lawyers protested and pelted stones. In which ACP Chowk's head exploded. Many vehicles were also damaged. When the officers reached the spot with heavy police force, they could bring the situation under control.