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4 children were missing after the plane crash, found alive after 40 days in the jungles of Amazon, one 12 months old

Pankaj Prasad
Plane Crash
Plane Crash

After the plane crash, army personnel conducted a rescue operation for weeks in search of children.

In any terrible accident, the most affected are the children. The survival of children in an accident is no less than a miracle. That too after 40 days of the accident, it is known that the children are alive. A similar miracle has happened in Colombia. In fact, on May 1, a Cessna 206 aircraft with 7 passengers crashed in the Colombian airspace and fell into the Amazon forests. 3 people including the pilot were killed in the accident. Their bodies were recovered. There were four children missing.

According to the news agency AFP, after the plane crash, army personnel conducted a rescue operation for weeks in search of children. Now all four children have been found alive after 40 days of plane crash in the dense forests of Amazon. Colombian President Gustavo Petro told that these children have been rescued alive in the Amazon forests spread between Colombia's Caqueta and Guaviare provinces. Giving information about this on Twitter, he wrote, 'Joy for the whole country! 4 children lost 40 days ago in the jungles of Colombia have been found alive.

His tweet included a photo of several adults. Some of them are wearing military uniforms, who are seen taking care of the children sitting on a tarpaulin in the middle of the dense forests. He is a member of the military rescue team. According to the report of AFP, the accident happened when the aircraft Cessna 206 was on the way to San Jose del Guavia, a city in the province of Araracuara and Guaviare in the province of Amazonas. The pilot of the plane had warned of May-day. It is believed that there was a fault in the engine of the plane, due to which it crashed.

Out of four children, one is 13 years old, one is 9 and one is 4 years old. The most surprising thing is that a child saved is only 12 months old. The children's grandfather Fidencio Valencia said, 'Yes, the children have been found, but I need a flight or a helicopter to go and get them immediately.' The bodies of the three adults who were with them – their mother, the pilot and a relative All were found at the crash site by the army. This is nothing less than a surprise. How did such small children survive for 40 days after the plane crash in the dense forests of Amazon. Here the saying proves true, Jako rakhe saiya maar sake na koi.